Holly Furtick

Becoming Mrs. Betterhalf FAQs

When is the study? 

May 13 – July 8 (off week on June 24). Live sessions will be held Wednesday nights at 8:00PM EDT.

Is this study only meant for married women? 

Yes. This study is intended for married women, so the content and lessons will not be applicable if you are not married. We appreciate your understanding! 

Do I need a Facebook account to do the study? 

Yes. You will need a Facebook account. While we understand the desire to not have a social media account, we strongly recommend using your own personal Facebook account for this study, even if you just create it to use during the study. A value will be for women to be able to connect with one another and build community, so an account that is not your own will hinder the ability to do this. We appreciate your understanding.

Do I need to do the homework and how do I complete it? 

Homework is so important for this study! Homework should be completed each week before the next live session. If you have the book, you are completing the homework there. If you do not have the book, you are completing the homework in the Facebook Unit.

Can I get a book? 

Unfortunately we do not have any more books available. However, everything you need to complete the study and the homework each week is provided on the Facebook group in the “Units” section. 

What if I can’t tune in live for the teaching? 

*live in a diff time zone, have a schedule conflict, missed it, etc. We are encouraging women to watch live, if possible. There will be some aspects during Holly’s teaching that will be beneficial to hear live and chat with the other women participating. If you’re unable, you are welcome to watch the live capture on the Facebook group at the time that works best for you. It will be saved within the page.

Still have a question?

Please email BMB@elevationchurch.org.

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