I love the story of Jesus’ resurrection.  Of course I love the part about Jesus conquering death, that is unarguably the best part of the story.  But recently I have been thinking about the women.  The first people Jesus chose to reveal his resurrected self to was a group of women.

Have you ever wondered why?  It could be that He knew the women would spread the news the fastest.  Like how if I want to spread the news about something I tell my friend Nicole.  She has this uncanny ability to find out a piece of information and spread it.  Jesus would have definitely wanted her to be at the tomb.

Maybe it was because he knew that particular group of women would obey without question.   Women are doers.  Matthew 28 tells us that they went to the tomb to prepare Jesus body with spices and oils and an angel appeared to them and told them Jesus was alive and that they needed to go and tell everyone.  And so they did, even though they had yet to actually see him resurrected.

The best part is in verse 9.  It says, “As they went, Jesus met them, and greeted them.  And they ran to him, grasped his feet, and worshiped him.”  Sometimes I think God waits for me to obey before he meets me.

I think that God should meet me when I am in the act of reading my bible or worshiping at church.  The truth is, He doesn’t always work that way.  Sometimes he waits until after I have left church and I start obeying what I learned to meet me.  And then all a sudden, in the midst of my everyday, mundane life activities like driving my kids to school, or even in the midst of a conversation with a friend, He whispers something to me.  Maybe a small reminder, or an inclination to pray for someone, or just an, “I love you,” or an, “I’m proud of you.”  Or my most recent, “Just keep doing what you’re doing.  It matters to me.”

I need to stop being discouraged when I read the Bible and the Words don’t jump off the page at me.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes, God just wants me to obey before I have “seen” Him, because it takes a bit more faith.