What are you going to name her?

Not long after you find out the sex of your baby do people start asking, what are you going to name him or her?

Parents take so many approaches to this.

Some don't know.  I remember sitting in the hospital with my sister after she had given birth to her 3rd child and she was no closer to naming him than she had been two months prior to his arrival.

Some don't tell.  My friend always says this is a pretty clear indicator that the parents are going with a non-conventional name, like Apple or Coco, and they don't want to hear every-body's opinion on it.

Some know right away.  We decided on Graham's name (pending he was a boy) around week 10 of my pregnancy with him.  There was never a doubt in our minds.  I really liked naming Graham so early.  I think it helped with my bonding process. 

1094578_plastic_nappy_pinThis time we don't fall into any of those categories.  After prayer, thought, and deliberation, we have finally decided on a name.

Our baby, due to arrive sometime mid-March, will be named Abigail Faith Furtick.  Faith after my godly mother-in-law.  We plan to call her Abbey or Abbey Faith.  Spelled like the famous Abbey Road as well as the place where nuns and monks reside.

Abbey Faith Furtick.