Images I am having so much fun with Elijah these days.  He is so full of imagination and energy.  It is so great to watch him develop and finally be able to do things with me.

Last week we made play-dough for the first time.  We had so much fun with that.  I will have to post the recipe.

Today we put together Valentines for the kids in his class at preschool and the kids in our Bible study.  He was so cute telling me which Nemo "Bawhentime" and piece of candy to assign to each friend (Ella got our beloved Bruce the shark).  For the first few Valentines we did, after I would write the child’s name on the card, Elijah would "write a letter to them".  He insisted on using the most invisible color crayon, yellow, to "write".  As he scribbled on the card he would say something like this

"Deuh Awyssa.  I hope you have a gwate day."

Then he would hand me the card and we would seal it up.  Graham by the way did not like laying on the floor next to me while we did this.  He wanted to sit up in my lap and feel a part. 

Tomorrow we are making a special card for Daddy, shhh, don’t tell him.