I have said on this blog before (10 Insignificant things about me), that I don’t consider myself an avid reader.  I do consider myself an avid collector of books I would like to read.

I love to read a good story (fiction or non fiction) and I love to read in the summer time. There is just something relaxing about a good book and sunshine.  So here is what I have read this summer that I would recommend to you…



I know I am really late to the game on this but I did complete the series before the movie was gone from the theaters.  But I have to say, what a great story!  I would highly recommend this series to anyone who simply likes a good fiction book.  And I was super pleased with the movie too!



My friend, Kelly gave me this book for my birthday.  First of all, it was quite a shock to go from reading the juvenile fiction, Hunger Games to Laura Hillenbrand who does not leave one detail out. But I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  I was so pleasantly surprised with the ending.  If you love stranger than fiction biographies and WWII stories, you should give this book a try.





And finally, a sweet story about a 12 year old girl who loses her mother but finds love and friendship in the arms of her Great Aunt and her friends in Savannah, GA.




I admit this post has a Reading Rainbow vibe to it (I keep waiting for the theme music to play in the background) I cannot end it without asking you to share what you have been reading lately, especially if you think I might like to add the book to my collection :)!  I can’t wait to hear your comments!