Steven Furtick is 35 years old today!!!

Today is my husband’s 35 birthday!  I thought the kids and I would share a few things about him…

My favorite thing about him…

Elijah: He is so great at so many things and so humble about it.
Graham: How he’s an awesome preacher.
Abbey: I love how Daddy loves me.
Me: I love how he is always growing.  He has become a better man every single year that I have known him.

Something people may not know about him…
Elijah: His first name is Larry.
Graham: He’s not a body builder.
Abbey: That he’s strong.
Me: He’s a great songwriter.

Some of his favorite things to do are…
Elijah: Play Mario with  me.
Graham: Take us out to lunch.
Abbey: Play with me.
Me: Take me on a date.

 He is really good at…
Elijah: Preaching
Graham: Football
Abbey: Defeating the monsters
Me: Writing music

His favorite preacher is…
Elijah: Bishop Jakes
Graham: Bishop Jakes
Abbey: Bishop Jakes
Me: Bishop Jakes

His favorite music to listen to: 
Elijah: Pop
Graham: Rock
Abbey: Shake it off
Me:  Worship

His favorite thing to watch on tv is…
Elijah: The Simpsons
Graham: The Simpsons
Abbey: Penguins of Madagascar
Me: Preaching