Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference.  Like how a huge ship is moved by turning the rudder just a few degrees.  Life can be like that too.  Like waking up just 15 minutes earlier could make the difference between a chaotic morning and a calm morning.

I recently re-listened to a sermon series by Pastor Craig Groeschel on the topic of Margin (the sermon series is a few years old so you’ll have to search podcast to find it).  It was so helpful to hear his take on how to have more margin in my life whether you are talking about financial margin or even scheduling margin.

About the same time, I found this blog post through Pinterest (what did we do before Pinterest?) called 10 habits for a well run home.  I have never read this woman’s blog before but I really like this post.  She simplifies the art of creating order to very  common sense things like going to bed earlier so you can get up earlier and packing lunches and laying out clothes the night before.

I was personally challenged by the getting up earlier part.  I am working on it.

I have got to learn to focus on the things I can change, rather than the things I can’t change and so I will experience a difference in my life.