Sometimes a small adjustment can make a huge difference.

Last school year I had major issues getting Elijah to school on time.  He was always just 2-3 minutes late.  Rushing your children out the door is an awful feeling.  I don’t like it, they don’t like it, and it really isn’t effective in getting you anywhere any earlier.

This year, I made one small change about our mornings.  I make my children pack their lunches the afternoon before.  Everyday, when they come home from school, they are responsible to get their lunch packed for the next day.  Now, of course, I am in the kitchen helping them and making suggestions, but they do most of the work.

This small change impacted our family in many positive ways.  First, my children are learning responsibility.  Second, there is no rushing around the kitchen in the morning arguing about what they want for lunch.  Third, there is one less thing we have to do in the morning.

I cannot say that I have a perfect record of getting to school on time this year, but their tardies are few and far between and our mornings are (not perfect) but much calmer.

Small adjustments can have a big impact.  A huge ship can completely change course by adjusting only a few degrees.  Small adjustments in routine, or relationship, or maybe even a personal struggle can make dramatic improvements.  Sometimes you have to quit trying to make a big change and start with a small one.