Signs you may be pregnant

Yep, just in case you missed the news, my husband and I are expecting our 3rd baby this March.  We are super excited.  Elijah and Graham, well I can't say they are excited, but they will be.  They don't really understand what we mean when we say I am going to have a baby in March, when is March to them?  They have no concept of time.  They are much more concerned about what we will be doing tomorrow.

I'm feeling ok, about as you would expect.  I came up with a few tell-tale signs you may be pregnant.  I thought it might be fun if anyone else could add to my list….

  • You walk into a room and plan your route of escape should you need
    to vomit
  • You are going about your normal day when you suddenly wonder if someone
    slipped and Ambien into your drink
  • Your day revolves around what you think you can eat
  • You start to notice other pregnant women everywhere you go
  • You know where all the trash cans are in the room, just in case
  • Your family begins to wonder if you will ever be the same again
  • You notice that a main stable of your daily diet is ice chips, yum

Ok, your turn, leave a comment, you know you are pregnant when…