I love this practical and honest post Holly wrote a few years back about teaching her boys to host. As a mom of 4 girls, this is something I am always trying to teach them. I think that us adults could probably take a lot away from this as well! Enjoy!

Every Thursday morning the boys and I attend a Bible study with several other ladies from Elevation.  Last week we hosted at our house.

In the past my children have really embarrassed me when we have friends over.  I know all kids struggle with sharing and being gracious hosts, but seeing as how everything my boys do is big and showy, you can imagine what happens when they are upset.

So I decided to run some offensive parenting plays before everyone arrived.  I happened to have picked up some superhero pajamas on sale at Children’s Place the day before with the intention of having the boys earn them.  And Thursday was the perfect time.

I sat the boys down and told them what a gracious host is.  (I got the idea from Thriving Family magazine but added a few things of my own about cleaning up).  Here’s what we rehearsed.

A Good Host…

  1. Cleans up before their guest arrives
  2. Lets their guest choose what to play
  3. Lets their guest have first pick of toys
  4. Cleans up after their guest leaves

The magazine article added greets their guest at the door and walks them to the door when they leave.  We’ll work on that next time.

So I told my boys if they were good hosts, they would get their new pj’s, if they were not, there would be punishment.

They were the bests hosts they have ever been.  I was so proud of them.  And we had a great time.

Offensive parenting works so much better than defensive parenting.

Originally Posted May 2009