Morning detour

I had every intention of posting an inspirational blog post for you today.  Alas, my morning did not go as planned.

I knew things were more serious than a minor injury this morning when I heard the boys playing downstairs.  Then I heard Graham crying, then I heard Elijah saying “Oh no! Oh no!  Oh Graham I am so sorry.  Oh no! Mommy!!!!”

The story involves a Minecraft reinactment.  Elijah was mining with his lunch box, Graham was a creeping (I am not 100% what that means), and I heard something about Zombies too.  Apparently the Creeper made a leap over the miner and his knee intersected with an open drawer corner which resulted in an Elevation logo shaped injury.

Graham was stitched up by a kind and so accommodating, orthopedist Elevator by 9 am and off to school.  This is his 4th set of stitches in his short life of less than 6 years. I have many things to be thankful.

Heads up.  Some of these pictures are a bit graphic.