Here’s my little monkey in the middle.  It’s his first season playing t-ball and he is doing amazing (and he looks good while doing it!).  When up at bat, they get 4 pitches before having to use the tee.  Graham often hits the pitches, which is really amazing considering he is not yet 5.

In other news about Graham, he got his 3 set of stitches this week.  Staples this time, in the back of his head.  He was outside playing when he got hit in the head by a rock his brother had “thrown at the fence.”  Elijah and Graham both came in the house crying so loud I didn’t know who was hurt.  Elijah was very upset.  Once Graham calmed down, he never cried again, even when they put two staples in his head.  I am getting to be a pro at these sort of accidents.

Finally, since I shared Abbey’s first steps with you last week, I went back and found Graham’s first steps that I posted over 3 years ago on this blog.  It’s hard to believe how much Graham has grown in the past 3 years.  It sure does go by fast!  Here are Graham’s first steps.