Monday Morning Commentary

This weekend we kicked off our newest series, Greater.  I am so excited to hear my husband preach through many of the prevailing concepts in his book.  Having read the book, the messages are a great reminder and a fresh inspiration to me.

This weekend, the message was called, Burn the Plows.  In 1Kings 19:19-21, we see Elisha do something so dramatic when Elijah calls him out of his life driving oxen.  He sacrifices his oxen and burns his plow.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the message…

  • Most of us are not in danger of ruining our lives.  We are in danger of wasting our lives.
  • Greater is the life changing understanding that God works in everyday life.
  • God is the only one who can raise you higher by calling you deeper.
  • You can’t move into greater things until you burn good enough.
My husband closed his message by explaining that burning your plow doesn’t always mean you quit your job and move to a remote part of Africa.  He said that Elisha’s plow symbolized something good.  A plow could be something emotional like a change of attitude towards a certain situation, something relational, like a relationship I need to sever or put up boundaries in, or something physical like a habit to stop.
I was personally challenged by this message this weekend, and I hope you will take the time to listen to it (or watch it).  You can catch the message today on the Elevation Network, on our Podcast, or in our archive.

See you tomorrow!   Hope you have a GREATer day!