We continued our series on the chatterbox with a sermon about shame and condemnation.  We have learned so far about insecurity, fear, and now condemnation.  My husband was so vulnerable in his message today.  It is so refreshing to have a pastor who is real and who does not try to pretend that he is perfect.  He taught from Luke 22, the story of Peter denying Jesus.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes…

  • Shame is usually the source of our issues, not the solution.
  • The accuser wants you to think that what you did is who you are.
  • Temptation brings you down, accusation keeps you there.
  • The enemy will try and take somewhat you did and convince you that’s who you are.
  • Guilt keeps you thinking about what you did.  Shame keeps you thinking about who you are.
We also learned the 3 P’s of Shame illustrated well by our son Elijah when he said, “What’s wrong with me?  I always mess everything up.”
Personal- What’s wrong with me
Permanent- I always
Pervasive- mess everything up
I’m thankful that I realized today that Jesus predicted Peter’s failure and faith.  Jesus doesn’t love me anymore when I am doing the right things then when I am doing the wrong things.  And He is ready with grace when I do fail.

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Have a great Monday!