Wow!  what a weekend.  I woke up this morning with a holy hangover.  I have had two cups of Awake tea and one cup of coffee to try and get me going today.  We had such a powerful weekend.  My husband preached his heart out and then Sunday evening we had a special baptism service.  First the sermon…

This weekend we continued our series, Crash the Chatterbox with an incredible message on fear.  This series has been so helpful for so many people including myself.  I love how my husband is preaching additional content to the book.  It supplements so well with what we are reading in the book, and every weekend I feel challenged and inspired.

This message on fear was based out of Acts 27 and 28, Paul’s journey to Rome to be tried by Caesar.  Paul was shipwrecked, almost killed by the guards and snake bitten, yet he did not lose his faith.  Here are the 3 points.

  1. Steer by the Spirit, not by your senses.  The chatterbox creates worry, the Spirit gives warnings.
  2. Fix you focus and keep up your faith.  Fear and faith are both powered by focus.  My faith cannot be in the ship, my faith must be in Jesus.
  3. Shake the snake and feed the fire.  When the fire burns bright, it draws the snakes out.  Paul knew God would not save him from the shipwreck to die from a snakebite.  I must learn to shake the snake!
The message this weekend was amazing.  I hope you will take the time to watch or listen.  You can watch the message today on the Elevation Network, in our archive and on our podcast.

And I cannot end this post without sharing this picture. Can you see how happy I am? There is nothing in the world like watching people take the step of baptism.  I love to watch people boldly proclaim that they belong to Christ. And last night we got to watch hundreds of people at 3 of our locations proclaim their faith.  As my husband said, “Baptism is a public declaration of a new identification.”


Have a great Monday!