We are continuing our series In-Fin-8.  We are walking through 8 of the greatest stories from the Bible.  We have heard about Adam and Eve, Moses and the Red Sea, Elijah at Mt. Carmel,  and then this weekend my husband taught on the story of Jonah.

Once again, my husband took a story this Sunday school girl had heard a million times and made it alive and relevant to my every day life.  He said the book of Jonah is a book about a good god who can take a reluctant person and do an incredible work.  It would be hard for me to recap the whole sermon so I will give you a few bullet points of my favorite quotes from the weekend.

  • When God speaks to me, do I hear it as an invitation or an interruption?
  • Stop calling it according to what you see and start calling it according to what God says.
  • Today’s excuses are tomorrow’s regrets dressed in disguise.
  • We want mercy for ourselves but justice for someone else.
  • When I become more concerned about my convenience over God’s purpose, misery is inevitable.

It’s a great series and the message this weekend is so worth your time! I hope you’ll join us in listening to it. You can listen to the message on the Elevation Network, or later today on our Podcast, or in our archive. Have a great Monday!