Blessed and Broken.

After my husband's final message this weekend, I went backstage to tell him how wonderful he did.  He looked at me and asked me if the message was too heavy.  I quickly responded that the message was heavy yet hopeful and that it was exactly the message for our church this weekend.

The message came from Luke 24, when Jesus walked with the men to Emmaus.  He pointed out that the men were on their way in the opposite direction of where they had been commanded to stay (Jerusalem), and how Jesus can meet you even when you are headed in the wrong direction.  He explained how Jesus walked 7 miles with these men but it wasn't until he broke bread with them that their eyes were opened to see that it was Jesus who had been with them.

He went on to share an analogy about how Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it.  He pointed out how Jesus did this in Luke 22 when he served passover to the disciples, and also when he fed the 5000.  Took, blessed, broke, gave.  And he reminded us of how this is a pattern we see throughout the scripture, and it is a pattern in our own lives as well.

TOOK- Have you ever had a time when you felt like God was taking you from something?  A relationship?  A job?  A move?  He told us that God doesn't take us from something to deprive us, he takes us so He can bless us.

BLESS- And after he takes us, he blesses us.  This is a wonderful time that God wants you to enjoy if you are in that stage.

BROKE- Then He breaks us.  No matter how painful a breaking period can be, it is in the breaking that we truly see Jesus.  And sometimes you learn that the breaking can actually be a blessing.  God doesn't break us because He is careless.  His breaking has a purpose, to give.

GIVE- And what a beautiful thing it is when God gives your life to further His kingdom.

My husband closed by pointing out that the bread never left Jesus' hands.  No matter what stage you are in, you can know that you are in Jesus' hands.

You can listen to the message all week at the Elevation Experience and in our archives later as well.

Have a great Monday!