We are continuing our series In-Fin-8.  We are walking through 8 of the greatest stories from the Bible.  We have heard about Adam and Eve, Moses and the Red Sea, and then today my husband taught on the story of Elijah at Mt. Carmel found in 1Kings 17-19.

The first thing he pointed out is that Elijah had a rhythm of relationship with God.  Elijah did what The Lord told him (17:5).  ”The Word came… Elijah went.” (18:1-2). God greatly uses those who listen and obey.  It’s that simple.  I’m not sure i would always be able to describe my relationship with God as rhythmic. I think a lot of weeks I’m spastic, or sporadic. I want to be rhythmic.

I also loved when he talked about Elijah’s question to Israel, “How long will you waiver between two opinions?” (19:21). Elijah was not necessarily talking about wavering between God and Satan.  He explained that the Israelites worship of Baal was like an add on. As if they trusted God to meet their spiritual needs but not their agricultural needs.  The thing is, God refuses to be one of my options. He is the only solution to any and every problem I may have.

It really is shaping up to be a great series.  I hope you will take the time to watch or listen online if you missed it. You can listen to the message on the Elevation Network, or later today on our Podcast, or in our archive.

Check back around 3 for the announcement of our give away winners.  Have a great Monday!