This weekend was week 2 of our series, In Fin 8, a series about the 8 greatest stories ever told. Today’s great story was Moses and the Red Sea (Exodus 13-14), and it was great. My husband is truly making these stories feel fresh and alive.

My favorite part was when my husband pointed out how God took the Israelites the long way because he knew they were not prepared to fight the Philistines (if they crossed through their land via the short way) (Gen 13:17). My husband said that God’s way is sometimes longer, harder, or slower because He knows there is something ahead in the “easy” way that we are not ready for.

I also loved when he pointed out in Genesis 14:19 that decreased visibility of God does not equal decrease of His presence or protection. What a comforting thought to know that sometimes, decreased visibility of God means increased protection!

It’s a great series! I hope you’ll join us in listening to it. You can listen to the message on the Elevation Network, or later today on our Podcast, or in our archive. Have a great Monday!