This weekend was Student Takeover Weekend as well as the third week in our series.  I was moved to tears as I saw the droves of students that participated not only in the activities for the weekend but also those who served and participated in our weekend worship experiences.  We had over 700 students (!!!!!) show up Saturday morning to serve over 2500 hours in our community.  Now that is impressive.

And of course my husband’s message was such a great way to wrap up the entire weekend.  He preached from one of my very favorite passages in the Bible, Luke 1.  The title of his message was, “16 and Pregnant.”  I loved his four points…

  1. It may not go like I am expecting, but I am obsessed with who I am becoming.
  2. It may feel lonely to stand for Christ, but I am never alone as I walk with Him.
  3. It may be disappointing to accept what I am not, but I am determined to work what I’ve got.
  4. It may be costly to do God’s will, but I am confident in His reward.

I loved how he pointed out Luke 1:38 when Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said.”   He said that before Mary thought about what may be, she had an affirmation of who she was.

The message was not only encouraging for all the students heading back to school tomorrow.  It was convicting for me.  The task God chose Mary for would be hard but her response was easy.  She knew whose she was and she knew she must obey.

You can catch the message today on the Elevation Network, on our Podcast, or in our archive.

See you tomorrow!