We wrapped up our series on fear this weekend.  What an amazing series this has been.  This weekend was no exception.  Based out of 2 Kings 6:8-23, a story from the life of the prophet, Elisha, my husband’s sermon was the perfect bookend to the series.

In the first point, my husband talked about the difference between a warning and a threat.  He said, “If you heed the warning of God, you don’t have to fear the threats of the enemy.”  He then gave us several points on the difference between a warning from God and a threat from the enemy:

A warning is rooted in truth… but a threat is embedded in lies
A warning tells you what will happen… but a threat tells you what might happen
A warning mobilizes  you… but a threat paralyzes you
A warning instructs specifically… but a threat condemns vaguely
A warning empowers change… but a threat diminishes hope
A warning wants to keep you in the game… but a threat wants to take you out of it.

What a great Word for me today.   The Lord reminded me that just like I warn my children of immediate danger or future danger, He warns me because He loves me and He wants to guide me.

You will have to download the message to hear the rest of it.  I hope that you will take the time to. I promise it will be life changing for you.  You can catch it today on the Elevation Network, on our Podcast, or in our archive.

Have a great Monday!