I skipped church yesterday.  Shh.  Don't tell anyone.  My husband skipped too.  Well, he tried to but he just really can't stay away.  He went to our 6pm service.

After three years of whirlwind ministry, we are finally learning the importance of rest. 

The first 18 months of our church we went at break-neck speed. No Sunday's off.  I don't even think my husband took a regular day off during the first year of our church.  We couldn't.  We were church planters.  Everyone on our team was working that hard.

As time continued we began to incorporate scheduled periods of rest.  The first thing we did is schedule Fridays as my husbands day off.  Then we began to periodically bring in guest speakers to give my husband a Sunday off.

Sometimes my husband takes a trip with a friend when he has a weekend off.   Sometimes he takes me to a hotel in town (we are not much for driving our rest time away).  Sometimes we visit family or even just stay home. 

It doesn't cost money to relax.  Sometimes the best thing you can do to relax is get a friend to let your kids spend the night at their house and relax in your own home and sleep in your own bed.

There have been times in our pastoral tenure that I have needed a rest almost as much as he has.

Of course some people in ministry take this to the extreme.  In the name of family they end up becoming lazy.  Ooh, that's way too confrontational for me.  Lets talk about something else.

So thank you Pastor Craig Groeshel at LifeChurch.tv for speaking at our church.  And thank you Lord for whoever thought of video church since Pastor Craig was actually preaching at his church in body today.

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