This weekend we got to hear from Pastor Greg Laurie.  He brought us an amazing message about the urgency of bringing our friends to Christ.

The anthem my husband gave us is:
    I won’t miss my chance to share Christ.  I will be a bringer.

The part of the message that really spoke to me was when Pastor Greg to the story about the man in West Virginia who had a heart attack on black Friday at Target and people were so busy shopping that they stepped over the dying man.  (You can read more about it here.)

What a sad story but a realistic picture of what we can have the tendency to do at Christmas.  We scurry around buying gifts and making food for parties, making sure our family looks just right as we squeeze church into our schedule and forget to look up and see that we are literally stepping over dying people that we encounter every day.  There are people who are really hurting all around us: neighbors whose marriage is on the outs, kids whose parents don’t spend time with them, co-workers who are in need of Jesus.

The urgency of Christmas is not to buy gifts for people and get your Christmas card in the mail on time.  Those things are great.  But the urgency of Christmas is that there are people who need Christ.  We must be bringers this Christmas.

You can listen to the message at the Elevation Experience all week, or in our archives.

I hope your last Monday before Christmas is a great one!