Monday Morning Commentary

We continued our series Surround this weekend and we also celebrated the release of our worship team’s latest album (released everywhere Tuesday).  The sermon was based on Ezekiel 37:1-10 and it was called, “Catch your breath!”

My husband taught us that what continually surrounds you will eventually seep into your soul.  In Ezekiel 37, Ezekiel prophesied to dead bones.  He preached to what God said, not what he saw.  We can shift our perspective when we stop describing our problems, and start declaring God’s promises.

When Ezekiel prophesied to the bones, they came to life.  But then he had to prophesy to the breath.  There are situations in my life that are dead and look dead (bones).  But then there are situations that on the outside look alive but have not life inside.  The enemy wants to take my breath away.

The Hebrew word for breath is Spirit.  Acts 1:8 tells us that we will receive power then the Holy Spirit comes on us.  The power is in the breath.

This sermon was amazing.  One of my favorites of the year.  You can watch it later today on the Elevation Network, in our archive and on our podcast. And don’t forget, every sermon is also available on the Elevation App for your smart phone.  And don’t forget about Tuesday (the worship album release).

Have a great Monday!