Monday Morning Commentary

My husband brought the fire this weekend!  He took a familiar passage, the parable of the sower in Matthew 13 and gave it a quite unusual twist.  His message was called, “Death by Distraction.”   He challenged us to see that at times, we can all be the different types of soil mentioned in Matthew 13.

He told us that there’s nothing wrong with the seed, it’s the soil.  We must stop complaining about the seed (the opportunities we feel we have been given) and focus on the soil (depth of character we have when the seed is received).  Loving God with all of your heart means you have a focused heart, an undistracted heart.

In Matthew 13 we find 4 different types of soils

  1. SNATCHED-we let the insignificant keep us from the significant (v. 19)
  2. SCORCHED-we stay at the surface and wonder why we have no roots (v. 20-21)
  3. CHOKED-we let worry and stuff distract us from our true purpose (v.22)
  4. SABOTAGED-we let the enemy plant weeds that grow up next to us and keep us from fulfilling our purpose (v.24-30)

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Have a great Monday!