Love Week!!!!!!!!!!

We are coming up on one of my favorite weeks of the year, LOVE Week!  It is the week where thousands of Elevators will gather together to love on our cities.  And this year it is not just Charlotte we are loving on, it is Toronto, ON, Roanoke, VA, Phoenix, AR, Norwalk, OH, and more.

We will be building homes, sorting clothes, making food, cleaning, mentoring, painting, renovating, beautifying, and so much more.  It is all about uniting as a body of believers, in the name of Jesus to serve.

Beth Moore says, “We have something in us that is only satisfied and fulfilled when we are pouring out what God has poured into us.”  Life is experienced at it’s fullest when you give back to others what God has given to you.

There are opportunities for you to serve whether you have 1 hour or 40 hours to give. There are opportunities for you to serve as a family, as a small group, with your children, or by yourself.  You can serve before work, during the day or in the evening.  You can serve during the week or on the weekend.  There are literally thousands of events to choose from that fit every talent and every time frame and so many locations.  You have no excuse.

I will be serving somewhere everyday this week alongside many of you and I cannot wait!!  I will be sharing pictures and highlighting opportunities all week here on the blog.

You can start by clicking here to sign up for an event that fits you.