It’s Friday and time for another Life Change Inbox! Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 3:2-4 that our lives are living letters written so that God might be glorified. People often write in to Elevation and share the work God is doing in their lives through our church. When I read these stories, I am reminded that we serve a powerful God who still works miracles in the lives of everyday people. These stories inspire me to keep giving, keep serving and continue praying for those who are far from God. I hope they will do the same for you.

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Check out Marci’s story….


You have succeeded in bringing this broken, lost soul closer to God and Jesus. I was raised with no religious affiliation, although my parents were Jewish. When I married my husband I converted to Catholicism, baptized my children and faithfully attended Church. I never wanted my children to feel lost like I felt. I became very active in Church and at the Catholic school my children attended, yet I was always searching. 

In 2009 we closed our business and knew we needed to relocate. We could no longer afford our life. The only real life I knew. A cycle of pity parties ensued. I fought this move. I WAS a true Long Islander. How can I go backwards? The economy will come back – right? I went back to Graduate school, became a teacher – which has always been my calling, swallowed my pride and applied for teaching jobs in Union County. The rest as they say is history, except that nagging feeling that something, SOMEONE was missing. That was April 2012. As the good Catholic, as soon I moved to Wesley Chapel I found a Church and went about my business. I was telling a friend how I felt and she suggested I find a new Church. I began attending Elevation. I have never missed a Sunday and have even gone back to watch old sermons. This weeks message had such an impact that I had to write. That was me BEFORE Elevation. My motives were not pure. I was passive aggressive in my relationships. I used social media as a way to show all what a great life I had. I was in a state of constant competition. That person is slowly (it’s a process, not a project) disappearing. I stopped asking and started thanking. I feel lighter. I feel true. I feel God and Jesus with me everyday. I am truly Blessed and was just too busy at my own pity party, while covering it up with social media and toxic relationships (caused by me) to ever take notice. Boy, I was missing so much. When the 5b4 starts I feel the presence of our Savior. When we sing in worship, as a community brought together in Christ, I am rich. When Pastor Steven preaches and teaches, I am filled with knowledge. Elevation has changed my life in ways. I can never thank you.

 I am signed up for the M1 initiative and will begin volunteering at the VIP tent next weekend. I am proud and honored to be a part of such life changing Church. 

Please accept my heartfelt thank to you and your amazing team.