Life Change Inbox

It's Friday and time for the Life Change Inbox to make a comeback!  I have been sharing some of the wonderful emails my husband gets, where people share the work God is doing in their lives through Elevation Church.  Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 3:2-4 that our lives are living letters written so that God might be glorified. 

I hope you're inspired by Mike's story, it is another story of the amazing ways God draws us to Himself through an invite from a friend…


At this point last month, I was lonely and searching for "the one" to make my life complete. Little did I know that the going to bars,  doing drugs, and searching for "love" was only taking me deeper into sin and away from God.

Just before Christmas, I noticed a friend on Facebook who had posted something about Elevation Church and I had to ask what was so great about it. She replied, "Wow, that's a loaded question. Why don't you come with me sometime!" Before I tried out the Elevation Experience, my friend and I met for coffee to discuss her journey with Christ and where I stood with my faith. After a great conversation, I left with an Elevation Worship CD, "This Is How We Change The World" DVD, and her notes from multiple sermons.

I listened to the CD, watched the DVD, and read through the notes then attended the University Campus January 8th. Since then, my life has taken a complete 180 degree turn. I've given up drinking and doing drugs. The love I was searching for was found in the love of God. On Tuesday, January 10th I recommitted my life to Jesus Christ…in the shower. Everybody I talk to says they feel the burdens lifted off their shoulders, and so did I, but I felt like my sins were washed away in the shower that day.

I made it a point to attend and/or watch the Code Orange Revival every night and I held on to the commitment. I've met some absolutely amazing people over the past 2 weeks and my journey with Christ is just beginning. I now feel like I am walking in the FOG and my relationship with God is growing every day!