It’s Friday and time for another Life Change Inbox! Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 3:2-4 that our lives are living letters written so that God might be glorified. People often write in to Elevation and share the work God is doing in their lives through our church. When I read these stories, I am reminded that we serve a powerful God who still works miracles in the lives of everyday people. These stories inspire me to keep giving, keep serving and continue praying for those who are far from God. I hope they will do the same for you.

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Check out Joey’s story…….

Dear Pastor Steven,

A year ago was Follow 2011, and as I look back I cannot believe the transformation and blessings I have encountered. Back then I struggled with depression, feeling rejected, and extreme loneliness. I made the decision to “Follow” and was baptized. I still struggled, including two suicide attempts, questioning God, why me, why this?

At the end of 2011, The Found Favor series opened me up and it was the message at Code Orange Christmas when I heard your father say on video, “The time to do it is now…” is where I finally stood up and said enough, take me, mold me, use me Lord. I attended 9 straight nights of Code Orange Revival. It totally changed me forever.

I now serve at the Blakeney Campus with some of the best, most passionate people I know on the VIP Team. I have attended the eGroup leadership orientation and plan to start a single men’s eGroup because the Lord has put it in my heart to help young men who are struggling.

In light of my past experience, my current situation, and my future hopes and dreams, I’ve learned that the wise thing to do is to just trust HIM!! I’ve shared my story with many of the staff members and fellow volunteers, not because my story is better than someone else’s but to say, “Hey, if God can save me from the pit of depression and suicide, He can save anyone!”

Thank you Elevation Church!!

Jose (Joey) L. Velez