Leave it

Have you ever thought about the things people left to follow God?

Abraham left Ur to go to an unknown land (Gen 12:4)

The disciples left their nets to follow Jesus (Matt 4:20)

Blind Bartimaeus left his cloak to be healed (Mark 10:50)

The woman at the well left her jar to tell others about Jesus (John 4:28)

My husband has this line that he says, “When Jesus asks something from you, He is usually trying to get something to you.”   I have been thinking about this lately.

I think sometimes God doesn’t even have to “ask” us to give something up.  We just know.  We know that in order to go to a new level in our faith we have to leave something behind.  It could be someone to give up because they are keeping us from fully living out our calling.  It could be we need to leave a familiar place because He has a journey he wants to take us on.  Or maybe we leave something behind because we know that we cannot take it where God is leading us (This could be a habit or a hobby that is not in and of itself bad, but just something that isn’t best for us at the time).

It is not always a huge thing.  It could be a small thing that makes a huge impact like deleting a certain app from your phone.  It is not always a permanent thing.  It could be a season of time that you need to leave something or someone behind.

The enemy wants me to think that holding onto this thing, or this person, or this place is the most important thing in the world.  That God is a god who wants me to suffer.  The reality is, God will not love me any less if I never change another thing for the rest of my life.  But there are experiences with God that I will miss, miracles I will miss, when I cling to the things that are keeping me from fully trusting God.

Is there something you need to leave behind today?  Remember, God is not trying to take something from you, He is trying to free up your hands so He can hand you something better.