How to stay focused on Jesus during Christmas

We live in such an amazing time in history.  Technology has made it so that we have the greatest preachers and teachers on earth at our fingertips on the internet.  We can read books loaded all in one place on our phone or tablet and we can listen to the radio on demand!

It is important to have as many ways for God to speak to me throughout your day and really your week. And during the Christmas season, when life can be so busy, we must be intentional about this. Going to church is great, it’s essential, but unless I am digging in in between Sundays, I am not going to grow very much in my walk with Christ.  Of course nothing can replace studying God’s Word on your own, but we must make a conscious effort to fill our minds with things that are going to challenge us to grow and keep pur minds focused on Christ during the busy holiday season.

Here are a few ideas…

  • I recently found a great resource from the ministry of Dr. James Dobson, called Family Talk Radio (this is different from Focus on the Family).  They have a great app for the iPhone and Droid (just search Family Talk Radio or Dr. Dobson).  I love it.  I love that I can listen while I am driving or when I am cooking dinner.  The app is super easy to navigate but you can also listen online at  Today and yesterday, they interviewed Linda Dillow, the author of one of my favorite books, What’s it like to be married to me?  Another great program they did recently was called 10 Habits of Happy Moms (search general parenting).
  • Begin the habit of listening to at least one other preacher in between Sundays (and your own if you missed church that week).  You can watch Elevation sermons at the Elevation Network.  Some of my other favorite preachers are Pastor Craig Groeschel at and Pastor James Mc Donald.
  • Get your mind off yourself and all you have to do by serving a local organization.  This time of the year, there are so many organizations helping people in need.  If you live in Charlotte, there are tons of opportunities at
  • Listen to worship music.  It is amazing how much music can set a tone in my home or my car.  I have several favorite albums and a few Christmas instrumental albums, but a great cheap way to hear fresh music is through Pandora.  You can download their app or listen online at and create special radio stations with your favorite artists or categories.


I hope you will join me this holiday season in choosing to fill your mind with things that will challenge and keep you focused on Jesus this Christmas.  Next week I will share a few ideas of some family traditions that you can incorporate to help your kids focus on the true meaning of Christmas.