Amanda left this comment on my blog this weekend…

Hey Holly!  My husband and I are starting a church near Atlanta Ga and our grand opening Is 3.3.2013. The church is called ThreeLife… We have been seeing great things our last preview service we had 200 people and we haven’t even started yet. Our next preview service is this Sunday. We are super pumped about it. What I wanted to ask is….how do you separate church and family? I am horrible at it. I mean I have a 3 year old and realize I cannot be at the church constantly and want him to have as normal as a life as possible without being stuck at church day in and day out while I work and focus on church business. It is just so hard to separate it even when leaving the building. I see how you always post pics of you and your kids…which shows me you are mom first then Preachers wife. Anyways, I just wondered if you have any advice. We have been a part of a large church before now and very demanding, but since this is our deal it seems so much more weighty on me. I guess I will just have to MAKE myself separate it. My husband and I talk about having a day of no church talk…haha and we are like so, what do you want to talk about?? : )… Praying blessing and more to keep coming your way.

Amanda, here is my answer.  DON’T SEPARATE THEM!  They cannot be separated.  If my husband was an NFL quarter back, my family would eat, sleep and breath football.  We would wear team apparel.  We would travel to away games as much as we could.  We would hang out with other football families.

I do not try to separate church and family, I do everything I can to integrate them.  We want our kids to see all that God is doing at our church.  They are at church a lot but I try to keep it fun and special.  Of course, they cannot be at church 100% of the time.  Often times I will bring them to part of a special event and then let them go home with a sitter or have special activities for them to do while they are waiting on us.  I want them to grow up thinking church was their life and that they love church.  I want their closest relationships to be within our church and church staff.

I also do not try to separate it with my husband.  I offer an encouragement for him that no one else can give.  Just like we can’t not talk about our kids, we can’t not talk about our church because church is a part of who we are.

I know that there are a lot of other families in ministry who take a totally different approach to this topic.  And I don’t think they are wrong.  But this is what we feel is best for our family right now.  And it makes me so happy when my kids want to go to church each weekend.

Amanda, I am praying for you as you get closer and closer to your launch date.  I am praying protection and provision and God’s favor over your familiy and your new church.

(If anyone else would like to ask a ministry related questions, feel free to leave a comment any time, I will do my best to answer you.)