Our worship team at Elevation has been working on a new album. I am so excited about it. I have so loved singing the new songs in church.

There’s one song in particular that we have been singing called, Grace So Glorious. It has a line that I just can’t stop think about. It says,

“To know the Savior’s love surrounding our surrender.”

This line totally revolutionized the way I think about surrender. Most of the time, I think of surrender as a negative thing. Like I lost the battle and surrender means I will be take prisoner. And often, in my walk with Christ, I cling to things, because I subconsciously think that if I let go and give it to God, I will be losing something.

Like if I forgive that person, I am letting them win and they will be free and I will resent them.

Or if I make a conscious effort to stop gossiping and complaining, I won’t have anything fun to talk about any more.

But the crazy thing is God is not a prison warden just waiting for me to finally surrender so I can be his prisoner. In fact, the opposite is true. When I take the first step of surrender, God rushes to me with the grace to follow through with that decision.

God is a God of love. The things He wants me to surrender are simply because He has something better for me.

And yes, I know, it is not that simple. What if the thing you are surrendering to is a huge process. Like God told you to stay in your marriage, and you have to daily surrender to forgive and love and give grace to someone who may not “deserve” it.

But maybe it is that simple. God’s love surrounds my surrender. And whether it is a one time surrender (not likely) or an issue I have to surrender to for the next 5 years, I will be able to look back after those 5 years and say that I experienced God and His grace like never before during that time.

I dare you to try it. Ask God what He wants you to surrender today, and experience his love and grace to the fullest.