When Elijah got in the car after preschool, his teacher told me that he was the only one in the class that knew the meaning of Easter.  Score!!

When I questioned Elijah about it.  He corrected me by telling me that he was not the only kid in his class.  After we cleared that up he proceeded to tell me what he told his teacher.  Here are the facts I learned…

  • Some really bad people who didn't like Jesus put him on the cross to die.
  • After he died, they put him in a tulip and covered it with a big stone.
  • The next day they came back the tulip to look for him and when they moved the stone, he wasn't there.
  • God made him alive again.
  • And that is why we celebrate a birthday on Easter.

Ok.  Well, we are getting there.  Obviously we have a little more work to do.

They also had an egg hunt at his school.  He came home with five eggs each one filled with a Hershey kiss.  Elijah ate one and then talked about how he was going to give two to Daddy, two to Graham, two to me, and two for himself.  (3 year old math is awesome).

Well, he ate one chocolate kiss, then two, then three.  Then he asked me if Graham and I could share our chocolate.  Of course I agreed.  So, sitting here on the desk, as I type, are two eggs left over.  One for me and Graham, and one for Daddy.  I am very proud of his generous heart.

Update… After Graham woke up from his nap, Elijah went for the Hershey kiss.  He asked me if he could have some of it.  He ate more than half and then rather reluctantly shared the rest with Graham.  Later when my husband came home, Elijah unwrapped the kiss, held it out to Steven and said "Daddy, do you want to share it with me?"

Ok.  More work to be done but some steps in the right direction.