Have you ever experienced a time where you were so fervently praying for something that you began to get anxious about it?  It’s funny because Phlippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” But sometimes I find myself becoming more anxious the more I pray about something.

I think the key is in the 2nd part of this verse, “with thanksgiving present your requests to God.”  Often times, when I am praying I am just asking.  I subconsciously want to leave the thanksgiving part for after the prayer has been answered.  But that is not right.  The scripture says with thanksgiving.

Let me explain this way…

Instead of praying,  ”God please heal my mother,” I should pray, “God I thank you that you are the great physician.  I thank you that my mother is healed in Jesus name.”

Or, “God please give us a break through in our finances,” I should pray, “God I thank you that you own the cattle on a thousand hills, our financial need is a small thing to you.  I thank you that you are our provider.  I trust that you will provide for my every need…”

Or, “God, please help my kids to stay out of trouble,” I pray, “Thank you that you are the Protector.  Your angels go behind and before my children while they are away from me.  Thank you that you have great plans to use them to impact the world…”

When I phrase my prayer in a way that is thanking God for His power and His ability to answer my request, my mind begins to think more positively about the situation and I begin to have a thankful frame of mind rather than a worried frame of mind. And then my faith grows because I am reminding myself of the power of the One I am praying to.

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