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I hope you had a wonderful new year and a very merry Christmas!  I have certainly enjoyed a break from blogging but also excited to be back.  2012 was an incredible year for us.  Our ministry and our family has never had a bigger year than we did in 2012.  Here are my 12 favorite events from 2012 (in no particular order)…

1.  Code Orange Revival.  Although it feels like a lifetime ago, this did, in fact, occur in 2012.  It was a whirlwind 2 weeks that had a significant impact on my life personally and on the life of our church.





2.  Elijah’s baptism.  There is nothing like seeing your firstborn express their own belief in Jesus.  What an incredible moment.





3.  Trip to Hillsong Australia.  I was so proud to accompany my husband to Australia and hear him preach at not only one of the most influential churches in the world, but also one that has impacted my life personally.





4.  Banner Years.  Elevation is filled with moments where God came through.  Banner Years is one of those moments for me.  Our church believed God for something big.  My husband and I gave sacrificially along with the people of our church and God multiplied it.  My faith grew yet again.




5.  Greater, a NY Times bestseller.  When my husband released his 2nd book this fall we had no idea how it would be received.  We were blown away at the response it got as the book made it’s way to the New York Times bestseller list.




6.  An incredible vacation.  Halfway through this crazy ride, we took a family vacation.  The trip was a breath of fresh air for all of us.





7.  Abbey turned 1.  The first birthday is significant because you realize that you made it and if you can make it through the first year, you can make it through the next 17.





8.  7 Mile Miracle.  Our team wove the most unbelievable Easter worship experience and many people came to know Christ.





9.  Graham’s birthday trip.  Our Graham Graham turned 5 this year.  We snuck away for three nights with just him and had a blast.  It is always so special to spend time alone with one of our kids!





10.  Best Christmas ever.  Because of our amazing weekend support team, I was able to sit and hear my husband present the gospel 10 times that added up to 34 worship experiences city wide (plus one in Toronto!) and I got to do fun stuff with my children in between.  There is nothing like watching people stand and give their lives to Christ and there is nothing like doing church as a family.




11.  10 year wedding anniversary.  My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this June and we can honestly say we not only still love each other but we also still like each other.





12.  I officially took up tennis.  I began taking lessons this summer for the 2nd summer in a row, only this year, I kept it up.  I have played tennis almost every week since July and am loving it.  If you know anything about me, you know this is huge for me as it is the longest I have ever played a sport (and actually the only sport I have ever learned).

Greater Online Bible Study

I am excited to tell you about an opportunity for you to be involved in an online Bible study going through my husband’s book, Greater.  The study will be lead by Melissa Taylor.  Melissa is an author and speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries.  She and her family also attend Elevation.  Melissa has a heart for leading women in online Bible study who may not have the opportunity to be involved in one where they live. What an amazing day and time we live in that we can join up with people all over the world and study God’s Word in our very own homes.

The study begins November 25 and runs through January 17, and really all you need is a Bible, a computer and a copy of the book.  There are already over 2600 people from all over the world signed up to join in.  WOW!  Each week Melissa will give assignments and do a conference call with different guests (one week my husband will be the guest!) Click here for more information concerning the Greater online study.

I really hope you will participate.  The book is truly life changing and it would be amazing to read through it with others from around the world!



Today is a very special day.  My husband’s new book GREATER comes out today and we are celebrating what we’re calling “GREATER Day”.  All day on the Elevation Network you can celebrate with us with guests like Pastor Craig Groeschel, Israel Houghton, and Pastor Mark Driscoll.  I hope that you will join us.

Also, from 9am-5pm our volunteers will be packing book bags to give away.  We are partnering with churches and outreach organizations across America so that for every book you buy, one student in need will receive a new backpack filled with school supplies.

I am so excited that you can finally get your hands on a copy of this book!  I know God will use it in your life as He has already used it in mine.  And of course, I want to give a copy away to one of you.  Only I want to give a special copy, signed by my husband!

Here’s how you can win it… buy a book this week and then leave a comment telling me where you bought your copy.  Honor system please.  You can purchase a copy at your local bookstore, and of course, online too at places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble Online and more.  I will leave the comments open until Friday and then pick one random winner.  Good luck!

And don’t forget to join us all day today at the Elevation Network.



Return from down under

We just returned from Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia. Wow. What an amazing trip. I was so honored to meet Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston. Their ministry is so inspiring, we came back so full of ideas.

My husband was a preaching machine. From the time he got off the plane and almost every day that we were there, he had the opportunity to minister to the people at Hillsong church and those at the conference. His messages were timely and inspiring.

We also got to hear from other great preachers like Pastor Brian, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, and Louie Giglio. Needless to say, my notebook is full and my soul was challenged.

And of course, no trip to Sydney would be complete without seeing kangaroos, petting koala’s, walking the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and viewing the Sydney Opera house. Here are a few of my Instagram pictures…


The GREATEST give away ever!

I am so excited about my husband’s latest book coming out this fall, Greater!  It is based on the life of the prophet, Elisha.  And it is amazing.

I loved Sun Stand Still.  The teachings in it continue to stay with me in my everyday life.

But I have to say, I liked Greater even better and I cannot wait for you to get your hands on a copy.  Greater is about moving beyond living a life that is good enough and into fulfilling the greatness God sees in me.

Today I remembered that I have a box of advanced reader copies in my garage and I decided (with permission from my husband, of course) to share a few copies with some of you.

I will give away 3 copies.  All you have to do is leave a comment.  For fun, tell me where you are from in your comment.  I will close the comments tomorrow evening and then randomly select 3 winners.  And, if you don’t win, you can always pre-order your own copy here on Amazon!

What does Daddy always tell you?


I am so proud to be teamed up with Steven Furtick raising these three kids.  For Father’s Day I interviewed our boys and then created a book for my husband with pictures and their answers.  Their answers were too good not to share…


Describe what Daddy looks like?  How tall is he?  How much does he weigh? What color are his eyes?  His hair?
G: Black hair, black eyes, light and brown skin, he is 100 feet tall, I don’t know how much he weighs because I have never seen him step on the weigher.
E: He is about 5.3 feet tall.  He weighs probably 83.5 pounds (I’m guessing).  His eyes are brown, his hair is black.

What does Daddy do at work?

G: He works on stuff about Elevation.  He works about stuff he tells people about Jesus.
E: He sort of works on what he’s gonna do on his sermon

Who is Daddy’s best friend?
G: Abbey, Mommy, Me and Elijah.  But mostly mommy.
E: Mommy, Mr. Chunks, me and Graham

What are Daddy’s favorite foods?
G: Chicken, shrimp, meat, BBQ
E: Shrimp, spaghetti, spicy stuff

How are you like Daddy?
G: We both like shrimp
E: People say we look alike. We both have brown eyes.

What is Daddy good at?
G: Fixing egg sandwiches, driving us
E: Watching tv, eating, sleeping, wrestling, playing sports

What does Daddy like to do for fun?
G: Wrestle
E: Wrestle, swim, he reads to us

What is your favorite thing about Daddy?
G: That he always wrestles with us
E: How he’s always doing whatever he says he’s gonna do

What do you love about Daddy?
G: When he took me to the baseball game
E: How daddy is such a great man and how he is going to change many people’s lives

What does Mommy love about Daddy?
G: How he always lets Mommy choose what we do
E: Because they’re married

Which Bible character reminds you most of Daddy?
G: David because he beated up bad people and Daddy beats up bad people
E: Goliath because he’s strong

What is one thing that Daddy has taught you?
G: How to swing a baseball bat
E: How to ride a bike

What does Daddy always tell you?
G: About Jesus
E: Secrets

What makes Daddy happy?
G: When he opens the door from a trip and me and Bubba and Abbey run and give him a hug
E: Love

What does Daddy know a lot about?
G: Jesus
E: The Bible

10 Year Anniversary

10 years ago, on the hottest day in the history of outdoor weddings, I made the best decision of my life (besides giving my life to Christ) when I said “I do” to my husband.

Steven Furtick is a true man of God and I can’t believe God picked me to be his wife.

I cannot wait to see what the next 10 bring.  If it is anything like the first, I am in for an amazing ride.


A celebration of 32 years

DSC_0165Yesterday was my husband's 32nd birthday.  We had a wonderful time celebrating.

I wish everyone could know Steven the way I do.  He has always been passionate and full of vision for whatever task God has given him.  I have seen him preach to a crowd of 20 middle school boys and crowds of thousands with the same passion and enthusiasm for Christ.

He has a vision for every thing he does.  Whether it is for our church or our family, he seeks God and obeys with audacious faith.  He is a great husband and an amazing father.

I have seen him handle difficult situations with the maturity and wisdom of a man twice his age.  And I often wonder how in the world I ended up marrying such an incredible man of god.  He is not perfect, but he practices what he preaches.

Happy Birthday Steven Furtick.  I love you.

(We will resume our regular programing tomorrow with Monday Morning Commentary on Tuesday.)

Have a great Monday.