Today my baby turns 7 years old.  Can this really be true?  Inside I still feel like I am that 25 year old woman bringing my baby home from the hospital without the slightest idea of how to make him stop crying.  Today he turns 7 and I still don’t know how to make him stop crying.

Here are 7 Things I love about Elijah with 7 of my favorite pictures taken of him this year…

1.  He is a great big brother.

2.  He makes me feel like his world would fall apart without me.

3.  He wants to please us.

4.  His best friend is his dad.

5.  He doesn’t want to do something if he can’t do it perfectly.  This makes him really good at the things he is good at.

6.  He is a verbal genius.  I win fewer and fewer arguments with him.

7.  He is a born leader.  Now if he could find a few followers.