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18 Worship Experiences spread out over 7 different times, 3 different days, 4 different locations and over 13,000 people.  AMAZING. 

My boys and I did the welcome.  Elijah joined me for 6 of them, the 7th time he said he did not want to do it anymore.  His line, customized himself, "Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad."  Graham was napping for 2 of the worship experiences.  His line was, "Welcome to Elevation," in the cutest hoarse 3 year old voice you have ever heard.  At the end of it all, I was quite happy to retire my ruby slippers high heels (I wish they had been slippers).

Our creative team pulled off an amazing experience.  Graham's favorite part was "the bubble drum that Mr. Wade played."  Elijah's favorite part was the fire.  I loved it all but the message was my favorite part.  I heard it 6 times and enjoyed it every time.

My husband delivered a powerful Christmas message and over 1000 people turned in a card indicating they gave their life to Christ that night.  Wow.  The message was challenging for everyone in the room.  You can hear his message at the Elevation Experience every hour on the hour this week.

You can also see more pictures over at his blog,

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday.  We have taken it easy these past few days.  In fact, we have not left our house since we came home Friday night.  We have been relaxing and enjoying our boys.  Look for one or two more blogs this week and then I will be back in full swing next week!