It is rare to know a person who never complains, especially when by the world’s standards they have every right to complain.  My friend, Ferris Joye, is one of those people.  Ferris is married to Wade Joye, the worship pastor at our church.  You may have read the first part of their story in my husband’s first book, Sun Stand Still.

The short version is, about 5 years ago, Ferris gave birth to twin girls born 13 weeks early.  They literally had to fight for their lives and believe in Faith even when the doctors told them to give up.  The part of their story you may not know is that a year ago, the Joyes had another beautiful baby girl.  Ferris carried her full term and was so excited to finally have a normal baby.  A few hours after Sydney was born, Ferris and Wade had to hear some hard news, Sydney had cystic fibrosis.

Today Ferris and Wade are the proud parents of 3 amazing little girls.  Although they still have issues they deal with on a regular basis, Ferris handles it with absolute grace, and their daughters are a complete joy.   She inspires me so much.

Recently the Lord impressed upon Ferris’ heart that it was time for her to step out and help other moms of children with special needs.  She leads a group of moms at our church and she has also started a blog.  Her blog offers practical and emotional encouragement for so many moms in a similar position.  I hope that you will visit her blog, especially if you are blessed with a child with special needs, but even if you are not, you will enjoy following Ambient Light.