Elijah recently celebrated his 7th birthday (sob, sob).  One of the things he requested from friends and family was money.  I was so proud of him when we counted up his money and talked about how he needed to tithe 10%.  He was super willing even though the amount seemed astronomical to him ($9.33).  He gladly took his money in a ziplock bag to church.

Later he came back to me and told me about how his cousin, Silas, had given $20 of his birthday money to buy mosquito nets for kids in Africa.  We talked about how when God blesses you, you can be generous and give more than 10%.  I asked him if he would like to do that and he agreed.  He wanted to use $20 extra of his birthday money to help someone.

We agreed that purchasing a backpack for a child who might not get a new backpack for school would be a great way to spend his money.  I told him I would buy a backpack too.  I wish you could have seen him pay for that backpack and lunch box with his $20 in Target.  No second thoughts.  I was so proud.

Later I asked Elijah if he regretted spending that money on someone else, he said not at all.  It is funny, I have never regretted one dollar that I have given away either.

This is not a post to ask you to donate a backpack for kids in need.  This is a post meant to inspire you to be generous.  If a 7 year old can give $20 and not look back, you can be generous too.  I challenge you to pray today and ask the Lord if He shows you a need, you will be generous and fulfill that need.

Matthew 6:21 Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”