If you need wisdom

This week I was praying for a friend of mine to have wisdom in a specific situation.  I actually pray it a lot for those closest to me (Steven Furtick).

James 1:5 says "If you need wisdom, ask
our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for

That's quite a promise.  In 2 Chronicles 1:7 God appeared to King Solomon and said "what do you want, I will give it to you."  Solomon had the opportunity to ask for anything he wanted, riches, long life, power, success, and he asked for wisdom.  God was so pleased at his request that he not only granted his request, but also gave him riches, power and fame as well (2:11-12).

I'm not sure what you are going through right now.  I'm not sure whose advice you are seeking out.  Sometimes in my life, I run to everyone except God.

God promises wisdom to those who ask.  Sometimes that wisdom comes from people He has placed in your life.  But only after you have sought Him first.

So maybe today, you just need to ask Him for wisdom.

Would you rather

226584_lunch_vegetables The alternate title for this post is veggie tales. 

Everybody likes their veggies prepare different ways.  There's a full spectrum of raw to mushy.  My husband is very particular about his veggies.  He does not like them crunchy.  I don't either. 

When it comes to broccoli and carrots, the mushier the better.  I know, it cooks all the nutrients out.  At least we're eating veggies, ok?

So I'm just curious how your family likes their veggies…

Crunchy or Mushy?

Give Away

I'm not a huge fan of kid's music (I guess that's why its kid's music not adult music) but my kids love it.  They love it all.  From the cheesiest stuff on up.

There are two groups that I have found that I kinda like.

Hillsong Kids

Go Fish Guys

Most people are familiar with Hillsong Kids.  They put out a product that could compete with Disney.  Their DVDs and CDs are well produced and engaging.  And best of all, they are totally not annoying.  We have three of their DVDs and they are all excellent.

Then, for Christmas, my sister introduced a new group to us when she gave the boys the CD, Snazzy, by the Go Fish Guys.  My boys love to listen to this in the car.  The music is really fun and well produced.

So today I thought I would give away one of each.  To win just enter a comment (one please) in the next 24 hours.  I will randomly select two winners to receive either Follow You, Hillsong Kids newest DVD or Snazzy, a CD from the Go Fish Guys.

Graham’s apple

The other day Elijah came to me asking for a banana to eat.  At the time, the bananas in our house were more ripe than Elijah prefers and I knew he would waste it, so I offered him an apple instead.  He decided to waste that too.  He took one bite and threw it in the trash (I know your kids would never do that, they love healthy food!)

Here's where the story gets better.  About that time Graham said he wanted an apple too.  Knowing that Graham is my picky eater, I did not want to waste another apple to the garbage, so I did it.  Yep, I took Elijah's apple out of the trash can and gave it to Graham, thinking he would only take a bite too.

Well, much to my surprise he ate, and he ate, and he ate it some more.  I failed to give Graham a lesson in apple eating (he has only ever had apple slices) and this is how much of it he ate…

DSC_0008 DSC_0001
I know this post is going to get me a nomination for mother of the year.  Kid still in pjs, eating food out of the trash and he doesn't even know that you don't eat the core of an apple.  Awesome.

Monday Morning Commentary


Yesterday we started our new series, Storytellers.  The series focuses on the back story of selected Psalms and yesterday we kicked it off with a creative video from our worship team.

It's a black and white short film, shot in a cold, abandoned warehouse.  Our Elevation worship leaders carry the audience into the presence of God through songs and sharing.  I was blown away.  Each segment was moving.  The music was stellar.  I felt so proud to be a part of Elevation.  Songs from the Killers to Hillsong were performed, and one of my current favorites, Desert Song.

You can watch it (Part 1, Storytellers) later here later today.

LoveweekPS.  We blew threw our goal for  Love Week (see last week's posts), logging over 10,000 hours of service to our community!!

Happy 30th Birthday

Today my husband turns 30. The big 3-0. Sometimes, when I think about what he has already accomplished in his life, I can’t believe he’s just turning 30. I feel so blessed to be married to such a man. He’s an amazing husband, father, and leader. Whenever he is nervous about his sermon, I always reassure him that his worst message is better than most preacher’s best message. And I mean it. And the best part about his preaching is that he practices what he preaches.

A few weeks ago, the boys and I went to the office to shoot this video.I thought you all would enjoy it too.

If you would like to give him a little birthday love, leave a comment. I’ll be reading them to him all day.


Love Week Book Drive

There are so many great opportunities going on this week.  One more that I am really excited about is our book drive.  We are collecting new and gently used books for Freedom School Partners.   Freedom School Partners is an organization that provides summer and after-school activities for underprivileged children.

Tonight, as a family, we cleaned out our books.  We filled up a whole box and a bag.  I was proud of my children's generosity (although I'm not sure Graham understood because he kept saying "I wanna give this book to Ella.")  We had a great time and I love knowing that our books will go to great use.

You can do it too.  Here are the details…

Freedom School Partners: Book Drive – Matthews & Providence
Collecting books for Freedom School Partners Libraries. Volunteers
Needed: Unlimited

Time: Drop off before or after Worship
Experience normal times
Special Notes: Books should be
appropriate for elementary aged readers.
Point Person: Matthews: Kristi DeMeritte,
Providence: Amy Carr, acarr@elevationchurch.org

Love Week

Loveweek Loveweek Loveweek Loveweek 
Ok so maybe you're a reader of this blog but you don't live in Charlotte, or you don't go to Elevation Church.  You can still participate in Love Week.  This project is perfect for those of us who are super busy this week (whether you spend your days caring for small children or working a full time job).

Stuff the Truck.  We're collecting gently used items for Crisis Assistance.  You don't even have to go anywhere.  Just spend a hour collecting gently used items your house and then bring them to our Matthews campus any day this week OR whichever campus you attend this Sunday OR for those of you who are not local, you can take your stuff to your local charity.

Crisis Assistance is especially in need of children's clothing, new children's socks and small home appliances, but you can bring everything from linens to furniture.

BIG 8 PROJECT – Crisis Assistance Ministries: Stuff The Truck -
Matthews Campus

Collecting items, clothing and housewares. Volunteers
Needed: Unlimited

Time: Before/After Worship Experience
normal times or any day at Matthews Campus
Special Notes: Clothes to be new or
gently used. Housewares items are the largest need.

Point Person
: Kristi DeMeritte, kdnoles1@yahoo.com

Love week is in full swing.  We're gonna blow past our goal of 5000 hours and that's awesome. 

Love Week with Elevation Lead Staff Wives

Yesterday the Elevation lead staff wives took our monthly meeting time to serve together.  We wrote 28 encouragement notes (stuffed with gift cards) to single mothers at Christ Our Shepherd Ministries.  We had a great time serving together.  I am really enjoying Love Week, I know you are too.

I thought maybe you would like a chance to meet each of ladies who met at my kitchen table…

Hope you are having a great week!  Check back later today for my feature events for Thursday.