Words a mother does not want to hear

First of all, thanks for your questions yesterday.  I am excited to work my way through them this summer.  Feel free to continue to add your question if you didn't get to yesterday!

Ok, on to my post for today.  There are moments in motherhood where I have to clean up some pretty nasty messes.  Sometimes I find them, sometimes there are confessions, still other times, there are little reporters, sharing some startling news.  Twice in the last few weeks I have received such news

The first time happened one afternoon when I let Elijah play with the hose in the front yard.  He had strict instructions to water the plants only and was entertaining himself quite well.  I left the front door open so I could keep a good eye on him.  Suddenly he was in the house, standing next to me when he said

Uh, Mom, I accidentally sprayed the hose inside the house.

The water was not nearly as bad I imagined and in fact was cleaned up with one dish towel.  Disaster averted and not nearly as bad as the second indecent which happened yesterday.  Again, Elijah came to me and said

Mom, Graham pooped and he doesn't have a diaper on.

Yes.  I looked over at Graham, playing with poop on his butt and feet.  When I searched for his diaper, I found that he had pooped in the living room, in his diaper, and decided to take matters into his own hands.  He simply removed the diaper and went about his business.  Lets just say I spent the several minutes cleaning my child and small portions of our carpet.

Anybody else heard any dreaded words lately?

You Ask

In order to prevent writers block this summer, I thought I might start a new series that lets you determine the subject of of my post.

So ask me anything.  Family, ministry, about me, the floor is yours.  I can't promise to answer every question.  I am excited to hear from you!

Summer Recipe- Pasta Salad

I know it has been a while since I have posted a recipe.  I have not been hitting home runs in this department lately.  But the other night we had this salad and it is a favorite for my family (and its great left over).  It is one of those that I make differently ever time depending on what is in my fridge.  I am going to try and give you the right ingredients, but don't stress, you can make this one by taste. 

1 bag of frozen cheese tortellini
Shredded cheddar (handful)
Shredded mozarella (handful)
Feta Cheese (handful)
Chicken cut into bite sized pieces
Red wine vinegar (a few tablespoons)
Salt and pepper (to taste)
1/2 c Greek dressing
Chopped tomatoes
Diced olives

-Cook tortellini according to directions on the bag and drain
-Run cool water over pasta
-Combine all ingredients
-Chill in fridge for a couple hours
-Serve cold

-This past week I used Trader Joes Tuscan Italian dressing, any vinegar based dressing will work.  the more flavor, the better.
-For the chicken, I had a leftover grilled breast that I diced and about 2/3 c of rotisserie left over as well.
-You can leave out the olives or tomatoes if you don't like them.
-It is best to combine ingredients while the pasta is still kinda warm.  It seems to absorb more flavor that way.
-Serve with Grilled Cheese we make our grilled cheese with fresh mozzarella on sourdough bread.  Its delicious.  Now you have a complete meal!
-This is also a great dish to take to a cook out or shower!

One more thing, if you are having trouble searching my recipes category, make sure you notice the tiny pick arrow at the bottom of the page in order to scroll backwards.

Summer Trend

I really like the gladiator sandals that are in all the shoe stores right now.  I tried on many a pair searching for some that were not too "Bible" looking and still feminine.  My best friend, and shopping companion extraordinaire, Nicole, didn't really like any of them.  She said they looked like part of a church pageant costume.

214285 I finally settled on these.  Nicole said they weren't awful.  My husband approved and I really love they way they look.

So I was putting them on for the first time on Sunday night.  Elijah saw them and said, "Mom, those look like Goliath shoes.  Or maybe Dave.  Are they?"  I told him no they weren't but he was not convinced.  Oh well!  I still like them.

So how about you?  You won't hurt my feelings, do you like this summer trend?

Monday Morning Commentary


Yesterday we continued our worship series, Lift High.  Our three worship leaders, Chris, Mack and Wade put together an amazing service.  Each of them preached one point of their message.  Each part was interspersed with wonderful worship music.

I took away so many things from the message.  They talked about 3 different aspects of worship: Inward, Outward and Upward.  Here are some of the highlights…

Worship is the overflow of a forgiven heart.
Humility and worship are inseparable.
God deserves our praise simply because he is God.
We move beyond singing and into worship when we take the lyrics and apply them to our personal situations.

I am so proud of the worship leaders at our church.  They are truly godly men who worship God in personal lives before they step on the stage.  They are going to release a new worship album in a few weeks.  I have listened to an unreleased copy that my husband had (shh… keep that between you and me) and its awesome.

You can listen to the message here later.

One Last Mother’s Day Post

Safe journey 1
Safe journey 3

Last week I was able to celebrate Mother's day with a very special group of ladies.  One of our church's community outreach partners is an organization called Safe Journey.  The Safe Journey program is for teenage mothers.  They provide case management and referral assistance with academic support, effective parenting skills, increased self-esteem, appropriate medical and childcare services in order to ensure success for the teen parent and their children.  They serve about 90 teen parents ages 12 to 20 with children ages 0-5.  The program is highly sought after with a list of girls waiting to get in.  Their high school completion rates are a huge success.

Every month they hold meetings for the girls.  These meetings offer classes, childcare, and dinner.  This month I was the speaker (it was my second time speaking to them this year).  Thanks to Elevation, I was able to bring $500 worth of gifts to celebrate Mother's day with the girls.  We had such a great time.  I spoke to them about 9 Practices of a Great Mom.  I encouraged them to model desired behavior, read to their kids, play with their kids, and develop routines.  We did a question and answer time and gave away allSafe journey 2 kinds of goodies.  From diapers and sippy cups to passies and Pull-ups.  Plus everybody walked away with a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

I can't wait to attend their graduation ceremony with my husband next month!  It's awesome to be a part of a church that supports local organizations in effort to reach out to our city!


Here Kitty Kitty

MayMay 001

Found:  One charcoal gray house cat with a white neck.  He seems to be an inside cat because I had to chase him out of my house with a broom once already today.  He is not very friendly.  He has thwarted every attempt my boys have made to form a friendship.  He was quite firm in his stance towards Graham several times today and Graham has the scratches on his face and bite marks on his arms to prove this.  Don't worry, the bites and scratches did not deter Graham from continuing to pet the kitty.  In fact, Graham was more upset about me taking him away from the cat than he was about the blood running down his forehead.

Warning:  Despite the fact that it was extremely entertaining to my child to watch me chase a cat out of our house with a broom, I will be calling animal control tomorrow if this dear kitty is not claimed.  I would like to feel safe allowing my kids into our backyard.


You Know You’re a Dad When

Cars Recently our dvd player broke.  We decided we should move with the times and replace it with a Blu-Ray player.

Last week we were on our date and we ended up at Borders.  My husband had a gift card from his birthday and he wanted to get our first Blu-Ray disc.  Which brings me to my title…

You know you're a dad when you go spend your gift card money to purchase your first Blu-Ray disc and you end up with Cars for your boys.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Guest Blogger: Elijah
Furtick (with a little help from Daddy)

Happy birthday Mommy.  You’re the best mommy ever.  Last night before we had the party with the
cake, I was helping Daddy (he’s so awesome) grill chicken, and we made a special
list for you.  It’s called Five Things I Love About Mommy.  I wanted all your blog readers to see it…and
maybe they can add their own special birthday wishes too.

  1. I love when Mommy cooks me dinner

  2. I love when Mommy watches me outside when I play
    in the blow up pool

  3. I love when my Mommy helps me with something
    when I need help-like artwork, or Play Dough…things like that

  4. I love when she takes me on walks

  5. I love when my Mommy-um-when I spill some water
    and I help clean it up.  Now can I
    be done with this list? (Actual quote)

So happy birthday
Mommy.  Many things may change over the
next year.  But  one thing will not change: Daddy will be the
best.  Forever.

We love you.  Enjoy age 29 because next year, you’ll be
really old.  But just as awesome.

Disclaimer: Holly Furtick
did not approve any of the content of this message.

And the picture of Graham
eating the birthday candle may be offensive to some.  Adult supervision was temporarily limited
during the occurrence.

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Monday Morning Commentary


I love it when my husband has been out of the pulpit for a few weeks and then he comes back.  Whew, he preached the house down yesterday.  First of all I cannot go any further until I mention how good looking my husband is.  He looked hot in that white vest yesterday.  And that's all I have to say about that.

The series we started yesterday is called Lift High.  Its a series all about worship.  My husband answered 5 questions:  Why we come?  Why we sing?  Why we preach? Why we serve?  Why we give?

My favorite things that he said was "Worship is two equal parts, revelation and response."  I had never really thought about this before.  I usually equate worship to hearing God's word and praising him with music.  I forget that worship is also my response to the message.  My obedience and application of what God has spoken to me.  It is also responding through serving Him.  And through giving.

My husband concluded his message saying you haven't truly worshiped until you have given because where your treasure is, there you heart is.  The true test of worship is have I given.  God doesn't want my outward expression of lifting my hands if it is not accompanied by a sacrifice from my heart.

You can listen to the message here later today.  Have a great Monday, you have a nice long weekend to look forward to!