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My Favorite Dessert

I love strawberry season.  I always go for any dessert with strawberries.  But my very favorite dessert is chocolate covered strawberries.

Now I love the fancy ones, but sometimes I just melt myself some chocolate chips as a dipping sauce for my berries.

Yesterday I bought a big container of Florida strawberries, straight from Plant City, FL, and a block of dark chocolate squares.  I melted a few squares in the microwave (30 sec, stir, 30 sec, stir, until melted, otherwise you'll burn the chocolate).

Mmm… it was the perfect dessert for watching American Idol.

Whats your favorite dessert?

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Batteries not included

March 026

Over the past few months I have been gathering up all the toys that need new batteries.  I accumulated quite a pile so Saturday I sat down to do the job.

The kids were awake.  That was a mistake.  They were all over me, trying to take the non-working toy, help me with the screw driver, crying for their long lost toy that all the sudden they would die if they didn't get it.

It took a long time and a lot of batteries.  I know toys have to be child proof and all but maybe the toy companies could get together and decide on a universal screw size?? 

What ever happened to toys that don't require batteries like Raggedy Anne and a Jack-in-the-box. 

We did have a mini Christmas that afternoon.  It was just like the actual Christmas day.  It lasted about 30 minutes.  I'll take what I can get.

So who changes the batteries in your house?

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Monday Morning Commentary

Yesterday we began our new series called the Essential James.  For the next few weeks, my husband will be preaching out of the book of James and if all the messages are as good as yesterday's, this series will be at the top of my list.

The message came from James 1:22-26 where James talks about people whose knowledge of the scripture exceeds their obedience.  He likens it to a person who looks in the mirror but forgets what they see.

Throughout my Christian life, I have always had a hard time understanding people who spend inordinate amounts of time studying the book of Revelation and arguing what they think it means.  Don't get me wrong, I value every book of the Bible.  But to be quite honest, I don't get the book of Revelation and I don't see the point in spending time trying to figure it out when there are so many parts of the Bible that I
do understand but don't put into practice.

Simple obedience is hard work.  Loving others with the love of Christ, being patient with my children and training them to know and love God, forgiving those who hurt me, devoting myself to knowing the scripture, praying for others, giving generously.  If I only did the simple things.

So many times we use the confusing things to cause us not to spend time focusing on applying the simple things in scripture.

This week, God is asking me to stop and spend some quality time in prayer each day.

What simple thing is God asking you to do today?

You can listen to the message here later today (week 1 of the Essential James)

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Knock, knock.

Do you know the old knock, knock joke about the orange and the banana?  You know it ends "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"

Well the other day Elijah and I had this conversation…

E: Mommy, do you wanna hear a joke?

Me: Yes

E: Knock, knock

Me: Who's there?

E: Red

Me: Red who?

E: Red I didn't say red?

Me: Who taught you this joke?

E:  Ella, wanna hear another one?

Me: Yes

E: Knock, knock

Me: Who's there?

E: Sky

Me: Sky who?

E:  Sky I didn't say sky.

This goes on forever.  He looks around the room, finds an object or a color, and says something like "book I didn't say book?"  The more he did it the more I laughed.  How do you explain to a 3 year old that you in the real joke orange is a play on words?  I didn't have the heart or the energy to try to explain.  He still thinks his joke is funny.  It is.

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Turkey burgers and other easy changes

Last week I shared how we are trying to eat healthier around the Furtick house.  Its actually going well.  This isn't really a recipe but its a simple meal that is healthy and tasty.

Monday night we grilled turkey burgers.  I bought them already pattied out from Trader Joe's.  We just added a little salt while they were on the grill.  Then we topped them with some fresh mozzarella (only $4.00 for a huge log also at Trader Joe's) and tomato (those of us who eat tomatoes) and then placed them on one slice of whole wheat bread and a little bit of A1.  They were delicious. 

I also made sweet potato fries.  I sliced them thin, sprayed them with a little olive oil spray, sprinkled some salt and broiled them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.  Make sure you slice them thin so they cook faster.

One more easy idea… pita chips.  I am a chip girl.  I cannot eat a sandwich without some type of chip.  Since fried foods is one of the things we are staying away from, I had to come up with an alternative.  Now you can buy baked pita chips, but they are so easy to make.  I bought some whole wheat pita bread, cut a slice into about 16 pieces using a pizza cutter and then broiled them in the oven, flipping once.  Be careful to watch them, they only take about 8 minutes and they burn quick.  But they are delicious to dip in hummus, and so much better for you than chips.

I so enjoyed your tips on healthy eating.  One reader even shared a homemade taco seasoning.  Today I would love to hear your tips.

Share one easy thing you subsitute like chips for pita chips.  I can wait to try your suggestions.

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Elijah’s turn

Ok, last week, Graham had his day in the spot light, today its Elijah's turn.  I am happy to report that we have not watched the Foo Fighters dvd in a day or two.  Not that I have anything against them, I'm just a little burned out on it.

I got two great videos of Elijah last week so I am going to show both.  The first is his rendition of Hero.  You are sure to enjoy his Dave Grohl outfit, one that should be added to his list of costumes (as well as the recent Goliath costume that he has put together).  The second is of him singing the song Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, his repeat ending is quite comical. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elijah Furtick…

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Monday Morning (or Afternoon) Commentary

This week we concluded our series, the Dip.  I think this series goes in my top 5 list of series we have done at our church.  If you missed either of both of the weeks, it is well worth your time to listen. 

The basis of the message was, when you find yourself in a dip, stop digging!  My husband preached out of 1 Kings 19 where Elijah fell into a dip of his own.  I loved how my husband pointed out that God asked Elijah, "What are you doing here?" and then told him, "Go back the way you came." Often when I find myself in a difficult situation, I am so overwhelmed that I can't get any perspective.  So many times, just evaluating the situation gives perspective and direction.  I have a handful of people in my life that I go to to help me process in times like this.  I find that just talking it out with my husband or a friend helps me see what the steps are that I need to take.

There are many dips that do not just go away by simple evaluation and change of behavior.  A job loss, or the death of a loved one can be situations that shake you to your core.  In one of the services yesterday I wrote down this line: The goal of the enemy is to get you to distort the dimensions of your dip.  What a powerful statement. 

Whatever the size of my dip is, my God is bigger.  I can rest in knowing that He is in control.  No matter how much pain we experience, we can know that.  You can listen to the message (week 2 of the Dip) here later today.

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Would You Rather?

Today we have had a breath of warm air in Charlotte.   A stark contrast to the 7 inches of snow that we got on Monday.  I have Spring fever pretty bad.  I can just smell the chlorine and the sunscreen just around the corner.

The other day I asked my husband what he thought my favorite season is.  He replied "Whatever is coming next."  And while he does have a point, this Florida raised girl likes short winters.  And if I had to choose between being hot or cold, I would rather be hot any day.

Yes I know the whole thing, you can always put more clothes on to get warmer but there's only so much  you can take off to cool down.  Not so true for me.  I hate to be cold (although I do love a pretty winter coat!)

So this week's would you rather is this…

     Hot or Cold?

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Have you ever actually thought about how many times you do something?  I am not a numbers person, but the other day I looked at a basked of socks that needed to be matched and thought I can't wait until flip-flop season.

If everyone in my family only wears one pair of socks a day, I will wash, match and put away 56 socks each week.

Have you ever wondered how many diapers you change for one child before they are potty trained?  If you change 8 diapers a day for the first four months, that's 960 diapers.  Then lets say you do 5 diapers a day until age two (even though the average age of potty training is age 3) that's 3000 diapers.  That leaves you with a grand total of 3960 diapers for per child.

So if you have only two children, that were potty trained at age two, and you changed 80% of their diapers, you will have wiped 6,336 buttsKelly and Emily, that's 12,672 butts for you.

How about one more…
If you tell someone special "I love you," 3 times a day, they will hear it 21 times a week, about 90        times a month, and over 1,000 times a year.  That's a lot of love!

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Recipe: Chicken Stir Fry

We're trying to eat a little bit healthier around the Furtick household these days.  We're subbing out whites for browns (rice, bread, potatoes- ok, their orange), cutting way back on our sweets and cutting out fried foods.  Its really hard to change a routine, especially for me when it comes to cooking and grocery shopping.  It took me twice as long to do my groceries and meal planning this week, but so far I am really pleased with the results.

Two nights ago we ate Chicken Stir Fry.  Some of us (I won't mention any names, but its not me) are a little picky when it comes to what vegetables we like so my stir fry is not very colorful, but it turned out really tasty.  Here's what I did…

Short grain brown rice (I can only find it at Lowe's foods, but it so much better than regular brown rice)
3 Chicken breasts (marinate in a little soy sauce if you have time)
Frozen broccoli florets
Fresh sugar snap peas
1 packet of stir fry seasoning (looks like this but you can find at the regular grocery store)
Soy sauce
2-3 fresh garlic cloves pressed
1/4 c white cooking wine
2 Tbsp olive oil

1.  Cook brown rice in rice cooker with about 1/2 cup water than you would use for white rice (sorry thats the only way I know how).
2.  Heat oil and wine, a few tsp of stir fry season and a few tbsp of soy sauce in a deep skillet
3.  Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces, add to skillet.
4.  Add pressed garlic, saute until chicken looks 90% done
5.  Add vegetables (please add onion. peppers, carrots etc… to yours if you so like these veggies)
6.  Add more soy sauce and a little more seasoning.  Cover and let cook for about 5 minutes.
7.  Cook until veggies are soft
8.  If there is too much liquid in your pan, don't cover.

Serve stir fry over brown rice and enjoy.

I need some healthy ideas for next weeks meals.  Please post your own recipes and link them in the comments section!  Also, let me know if you try this and like it!

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