Whew.  Did you miss me?  I took a blogging break.  I didn't even read most of my regular blogs over the past few days.  What a weekend we had.  On Thursday I had every intention of blogging about things I am thankful for and never got to it.  So here it is now.

… for three days straight with my husband.  I love being with my husband and not having to compete with his thoughts about work.  He did really good shutting off that part for a few days.  He even took us to the mall (this happens about once a year).

… for having such wonderful in-laws.  I always love being around them and wish they lived closer.  L-train even brought dinner and cooked here Wednesday night.  Fried shrimp, hush puppies and french fries, all home fried.  Yum.  Uncle Max, I would do anything in the world to get  you out of Japan (stupid Air Force) and here to Charlotte.

… for my new niece Millie Grace who must be the sweetest baby ever.  If my kids acted like that, I would have 4 by now too.  Ok maybe.

… for my best friend, Nicole, who has helped me decorate my house for Christmas ever year that I have been married except one.  I asked her if she helped me because she liked it or because she loved me, she said, "last year, because I love you, this year because Ilikes it." (she didn't say about the other years, hmm).  Thanks Nicole for helping me with that horrendous "pre-lit" tree that needs lights.  And for the countless other ways you hold my arms up.

… for my mom who was brave enough to host 29 people for Thanksgiving including me and my in-laws.  You did great Deb.

… for my dad who pushed Elijah on the tire swing, in the cold, before 8 am, while I was warm in bed.

… for McKenzie who is coming home soon.  Yeah!

… for Kelly and Amy and their priceless friendship.

… for Elevation Church.  What a privilege to be a part of a church that is truly reaching people.

… and finally for the sleep fairy who somehow caused my children to sleep until 8:15 today and no one woke up sick.  I cannot remember the last time my boys slept past 7:30.  What a perfect end to a wonderful weekend.

… wait one more thing.  For those of you who read my blog and pray for our family.  Your prayers are invaluable to me.

Calm before the storm

Its been a calm morning in the Furtick household.  I got to sleep in until 6:45 today.  Everybody is in a good mood and I am happy about that.

We did not eat our normal breakfast of waffles and oatmeal.  We had leftover dinner rolls and yogurt.  My husband is at a quick appointment and the boys and I are off to run a few errands before the family comes in.

Elijah can't wait. 

Secretly, neither can I.  My husband home for several days straight, family to help play with the kids (maybe even wake up at 6:30 with them???) and great food to cook and eat.

I am even contemplating fighting the crowds on black Friday for the first time ever.  Well maybe the afternoon crowd.

So, what are your plans for the Holiday?

Monday Morning (or Afternoon) Commentary

Yesterday my husband wrapped up our Real Change Campaign series with a sermon called The Pumpkin Principle.  He had ten large pumpkins on the stage.  He talked about how God wants us to give back a portion of everything he blesses us with.

So often we feel like we are losing something when we give that pumpkin away but what we need to remember is that the pumpkin is filled with seeds.  When we give that pumpkin back to God, he uses it to plant seeds.  Seeds in others lives but also seeds in our own lives (not necessarily monetary but seeds of peace, joy and increased faith).

There have been times in my life where I thought it I would be better off using the money (pumpkin) for myself.  In doing so, I am eating the seeds, not planting them.  Eaten seeds will never reap a harvest.

Jesus said where you treasure is, there you heart will be also and that we should store up treasures in heaven.  When you put it that way and think of the eternal harvest that can be gain just by giving a small portion back to God (from what He has already given me).  Its not a loss, its a gain!


Its Saturday.  I usually don't post on Saturdays.  If you are not married to the ministry, Saturdays may be your favorite day of the week.  For us, Saturdays are the beginning of a very busy next 48 hours. 

I used to hate Saturdays because I expected us to do something as a family and have a great day together.  When this didn't happen, I was disappointed.  I think one of the biggest lessons I have learned as a pastor's wife is to re-create normal and create routine on the weekends so that everybody knows what to expect .  Our Saturdays happen on Friday.  On Saturdays we stick to pretty much the same routine.

Here's what a normal Saturday looks like for us.

6:30 am     Boys wake up (thank you time change for that gift)
9:00 am     Everybody eats breakfast and play
12:00 pm   Light lunch, Steven leaves for the office to study and pray
12-4 pm     The boys and I do something like visit a mall or a park or just hang out at home
6:00 pm     The boys and I eat dinner
7:00 pm     The boys go to bed
7:30 pm     I make chicken noodle soup for Steven's dinner (yes, every week)
8:00 pm     Steven comes home eats dinner
9:00 pm     Steven takes a bath and watches sermons, I set out and iron everyone's clothes
10:00 pm   Steven studies and watches sermons, I read
11:00 pm   Sleep

Today is a special Saturday because Uncle Max is in town (Steven's brother who is in the Air Force, stationed in Japan).  We ate pancakes for breakfast, Steven and Uncle Max are playing football on Xbox (Uncle Max winning) and when Steven leaves for the office, Max and Elijah are going to see Bolt (not in 3D because Elijah won't wear the glasses).  Graham and I are going to hang out here.  Graham is going to take a nap and I am going to fold clothes and finally watch Top Chef from Wednesday. 

I hope you have a great weekend.  If you are an Elevator, maybe I will see you tomorrow!

Waffle Update

We just got home from our date night.  We ate at PF Changs, of course.  My husband ordered Lo Mein, of course.  I tried something new, it was ok, won't order it again.

My husband came over to the computer and was checking a few of the blogs he reads.  The next thing I know I hear his voice from the kitchen saying "Hey, mind if I eat some of these?"

I couldn't imagine what he was talking about b/c there are currently not any desserts hanging out in our fridge.  I looked up to see him holding my box of waffles.  I guess I gave him a craving. 


Almost every morning, along with my cup of tea, I eat theseServeImage.aspx


Recently my grocery store was out of stock, so I bought these
Can I just say I had to gag it down?  It was terrible.  I was bummed b/c the Kashis were going to go to waste.  Then this morning, Graham decided he didn't want to eat his oatmeal, so I made him one.  He loved it.  Go figure.  The picky eater liked the nasty waffle.

So anyone else eat the same thing every morning?



I am wife to Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church.

I am mother to Elijah B, Graham T, and Abigail Faith.

I never have a dull moment being the pastor’s wife of a rapidly growing church and the mother of two young boys.


I love going on dates with my husband, listening to my husband preach, scoring great deals at Charlotte’s many fine retail establishments, cooking, and playing with my sons.

Monday Morning Commentary

The Real Change Campaign is shaping up to be a great series.  Steven's final point yesterday was a video of our kids having difficulty sharing with each other.  It was a simple way to illustrate that everything we have is really God's.

Its funny because teaching kids to share is one of the most difficult tasks a parent must do.  It seems like they are never going to get it.  Ironically, most of us never do get it.  We just learn how to hide it. 

"Not Sharing" for adults manifests itself in more socially acceptable ways.  No, we don't scream and cry when we don't get our way but we spend inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out how much Aunt Suzie is going to spend on us for Christmas so we don't buy her something too nice.  Or we don't tithe for the months of January and February because we are paying off Christmas (of course we gave at Christmas time, 'tis the season).

The point is perspective.  When realize that it is all God's anyway, that He is the source, we are able to give cheerfully and be generous to our friends because God has been so generous to us.  How could we not share?

Here is the link to the message (week 4 of Real Change Campaign).  I will post the video of the boys soon, check back.