Have you seen these?

Nobody knows more about kids toys and gadgets than my mother-in-law.  She is an early interventionist, which means besides doing lots of government paperwork, she plays with kids under the age of three who have developmental delays.  So she is constantly trying new toys and gadgets for kids, and she is also constantly buying them for my kids!

Anyway here is the latest thing she brought into our house, its called a dripstick…

And here is Ella and Elijah trying them out…
At home 003

At home 008  At home 009

Don’t get your hopes up about cleanliness.  They were much easier for them to hold, but lets get real, they were still eating popsicles.  Elijah had to be wiped down from head to to toe (literally, the bottoms of his feet) and Ella went home in a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt (When I asked her what she wanted to wear she replied, “a beautiful dress!”  We settled for the next best thing, a beautiful t-shirt).

Nonetheless, a great find, thanks Grammy!

A Lesson in Faith

Over the last week, I have received a lesson in faith from our friends Wade and Ferris Joye.  Wade is the worship pastor at Elevation.  About eight days ago, his wife Ferris had to deliver their twin baby girls about 13 weeks early. 

Adliegh Grace and Lianna Hope are fighting hard but their parents are fighting harder.  Their faith and confidence in their girls healing is such an inspiration.

Please join with me in praying and believing with them for the complete recovery of both of their girls.  Check out their blogs (Wade and Ferris) for frequent updates.

Did you know you get the newspaper?

The other day there were several Elevation staff members here early in the morning because they were all riding together somewhere.  Chunks handed me my newspaper and said, "Did you know you get the paper?"

Did I know I get the paper?  Of course I know I get the paper.  A few months ago this sweet kid came to my door asking me to subscribe to the paper for only $20 for 3 months.  If I did it would help him raise money for college, and they would even bring it to my front porch.  Well, I do like clipping coupons, so I agreed.

First of all we have a long driveway so the paper never, ever comes close to our front door.  Second of all, I don't read the newspaper.  The age my kids are at, if I am going to actually sit down and read something it is going to be a good book, or the bible, not the paper.  Why would I read the paper when I can listen Tonia Bendickson while I am cooking dinner?

I feel like we are wasting so much paper.  My husband reads it every now and then, but half the time I walk to the end of the driveway, pick up two or three papers and toss them straight into the recycle bin still in their plastic bag. 

I do love the coupons in the Sunday paper though so I called up the paper and asked them to switch me to just weekends, well, that is $32.  Supposedly, I got some special offer.  So apparently its cheaper for me to get the paper everyday!  I think I may go back to picking one up a a gas station after church.


We just got back from the beach an hour ago.  It is 11:30 pm.  My husband and are are salivating over our email and internet (yes, I being a savvy and planned ahead person-ha ha- pre-typed two entries for our vacation so you wouldn't know we were gone and try to rob us of all our earthly possessions).

More on the beach later (pictures promised).  Right now I have to tell you about bread-ice.

I swear I do the dumbest things ever.  Several weeks ago frozen yeast rolls were on sale at the grocery store BOGO so I got two packs.  When I got home I realized that my freezer was too full to accomodate the unneeded purchase.  The only place they would fit was on top of the ice inside our ice maker. 

A few weeks went by and our ice maker started acting funny.  For some reason our family has really bad luck with ice makers (see this post) so I just thought "Oh great, this one is about to break too."  Then one day, when trying to get my freezer to do the simple task of dispensing ice into my cup, I heard a funny noise.

Upon investigation, I noticed that one of the packages of rolls was stuck in the ice.  I tried for a few seconds to free it but couldn't.  Of course I was trying to get dinner on the table so I manually filled the glasses with ice and moved on to a different task, and totally forgot about the ice situation.

Later that night my husband poured himself a nice cold Mt Dew into a glass of ice (dispenser now working because I had wriggled it a little bit earlier).  Imagine his expression when he had bread floating in his drink.  Needless to say he poured himself another drink.  The next day we left for the beach.

Ok so now we are at present time.  30 minutes ago, I am getting ready to go upstairs and fixing myself a glass of ice water.  Out of the dispenser comes bread-ice.

No need to worry.  Thankfully, nothing was broken and I dumped out all of the bread-ice and we will have fresh ice in the morning.

I want VHS back

What is up with the fragility of DVDs?  I feel like we waste so much money on DVDs
that if you even think about scratching them, they get scratched.  I can’t tell you how many movies we have that
are not watchable because they have been scratched.

I want to go back to rewinding movies if that is what I have
to do to actually watch them.  You had to
watch a VHS 1000 times before it even started acting like it was getting tired.

I think it is a scam so that you have to keep replacing your
DVDs that your children can’t live without. 
Currently our Finding Nemo does not work at all.  Imagine me trying to explain to Elijah every time
he asks to watch the whale part why ours is broken.

I saw an ad for Blue Ray DVD.  They claim that they have a special coating
on them that makes them more durable. 
Again, another scam to make me spend money.  Are you really telling me that they can’t put
this coat on normal DVDs? 

Ok, that’s my rant for the day


Graham is too cute these days.  He is really coming alive.  Here are some videos that I took of him the other day…

I really think he is going to say "Mama" first. Sometimes he makes the "m" sound when he sees me. Don't tell Steven. We can pretend Graham's first word is "Dada" together.

Stranded without technology

I am writing this from my desk top.  I don’t know when this will get posted
because we have no cable or internet right now. 
Tomorrow will be the third Saturday in a row that we have had a Time
Warner service man out to our house. 
Honest truth.

First, our cable box went bad.  It kept rebooting itself about every 10 to 30
minutes.  Imagine this while Steven and I
were trying to watch the finale of Lost. 
Fun.  Then they replaced our box
with another bad box.  This box worked for a few
days then it just freaked out and just continuously rebooted itself over and
over.  Then Thursday night we had a big
storm and the whole neighborhood lost cable. 
It was restored the next morning. 
Everyone’s but ours.  Nice. 

So here I am on Friday with no internet or TV and none in
the near future.  I am typing blog
entries into Microsoft Word because I am addicted to the computer.  The service man should be here tomorrow after

Update:  Obviously our cable is back up and I am very happy.

Out of the woods and into the heat

Out of the woods…

Over the weekend Elijah came down with a dreadful hand/foot/mouth type virus.  Our whole family has had the yucks for days.  Last week I noticed that I had 3 mouth sores which I thought a bit odd.  Well lets just suffice it to say Elijah got it bad.  Funny thing is, when he gets something, he always gets the worst case scenario.  He had at least a dozen ulcers in his mouth.  It was so pitiful.  I must say, it was rough on the whole family.  We endured a lot, I mean, a lot, of crying and whining, some caused by the mouth sores, others caused by the hunger.  Still more whining by from his personality.   

Anyway, I am elated to say that Elijah did not wake up this morning screaming "My mouth hurwts!!" and he has eaten well today.  Thank you Lord.  I was running really low on sympathy.  I know, moms are not supposed to admit that.

Into the heat…

Was it really this hot last summer?  I mean last summer I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and avoided the heat at all costs, but I swear it was not 100 degrees in JUNE!!  Yesterday I broke a sweat just walking to my mail box.  You know this was hard for me because I hate to sweat.  Maybe I forgot.  I think that God makes us forget so we can look forward to the next season.

A whale has found a home

I am proud to report that Elijah has officially joined the potty club. 

Yesterday I had a meeting at the church offices and Elijah was home with the babysitter.  She said that he was standing at the fridge, looking up at the whale.  He said something about how he really wanted that whale.  She said lets go try to poop.  And low and behold, he pooped in the potty.  And I missed it!

He proudly carried his whale into the church office later that morning.  We were so excited!

I know this is not the end but it feels great to get one poop behind us!