Broken Record

Yesterday I was upstairs getting ready when I heard Elijah screaming my name.  I ran down to check things out.  What I found was not pleasant.  Elijah had fabric softener all over his leg.  Here is a little of how our conversation went…

Me: What did you do??? (A bit of tension and possibly anger in my voice)

E: Mommy, you don't have to be so gwumpy

Me: What did you do?  ( Leave him standing there to go check out the laundry room.  There is a huge puddle of fabric softener all over the laundry room floor.  Thankfully a tile floor.  I go back to Elijah)

Me: Elijah, what were you doing in there?

E:  Mommy, da pwan is for you to cwean me (in case you didn't get that he said "the plan is for you to clean me")

I finally got out of him that there was some type of crocodile involving the washer and the potty chair that he used as a stool to get up on top of it.  I washed him, put him in time out while I cleaned the floor.  Fabric softener is so slimy (This is not Elijah's first time spilling the stuff, in our last house, he spilled it on carpet.  I bet the guy that lives there walks by that big blue stain all the time, and wonders what that was).  After I finished we discussed, yet again how the laundry room is not a place for him to play. 

Sometimes I feel like a broken record.  Here's a post I found back in December that I never posted…

The other night I was in the laundry room dealing with our never ending supply of dirty clothes.  Elijah followed me in there (of course) and started to get into a little utility drawer.  Here is something like the conversation we had…

Me:  Baby please get out of here, this is mommy's room.

Elijah:  No, dis is my woom.

Me: No, you have a playroom full of toys go play with them.

Elijah: I want to pway wiff dis.

Me: Fine, I will just give all your toys to kids who will want to play with them.

Elijah: No! as he runs to his playroom.

Sun kissed and dried by the good Lord.

When I was in high school, I spent many days in the summer at my grandmother's house.  I enjoyed being there but hated the fact that she made us line dry our clothes.  She only used the dryer in the winter time because she said "Why pay money to dry your clothes when the good Lord will dry them for free."  While the good Lord may have dried them for free, he sure didn't leave them very soft.  I hated my clothes feeling scratchy and stretched out. 

Well, I could hear Nana's voice in my head last week because our dryer broke.  That night at dinner, Steven asked me why our rugs were draped on the deck.  He laughed when I told him, "the good Lord is drying them for free."  He didn't think it was so funny when we came to the realization we had to purchase a new dryer.

Tonight Lowe's is bringing the new dryer and we can look forward to wearing clothes that are soft (although they may not be kissed by the sun and dried by the good Lord).

Its too quiet in there

We had the best weekend.  I feel like we took a vacation at home.  Since Steven's day off is Friday and he didn't preach at church this Sunday, we had a very relaxing long weekend filled with playing outside, pools, food on the grill twice and more!

So on Saturday, I was going to go shopping with Graham and Steven and Elijah were going to stay here.  While I was getting ready, the kids were on Steven's watch.  Graham and Elijah were both in the playroom when all the sudden Steven realized it was too quiet.  Maybe those of you with girls don't know this sound (or lack of it)  but our kids are always loud unless they are into something.  Before looking at this picture, you should also know that Graham has turned into a real eater.  Although he can't have much, he thinks he can.  No one is allowed to eat in his presence without sharing.  Ok, enough suspense, here's the shot Steven snapped (he said the look on each of their faces was priceless).


PS.  Please excuse the mess.  We do clean up the playroom, but cleaning up that room is like washing your car in the rain.

On the Move

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that Graham started crawling.  He started crawling on his belly about 6 weeks ago.  At first he would just crawl to a toy or something.  Well we are now in full swing of mobile mode.  No more sitting the baby in a room and not worrying.  Nope.  Graham is everywhere- the pantry, the bathroom, the stairs, you name it.  We call him our wiggle worm because he literally never sits still.  Needless to say, he is not a cuddly baby but fun to watch.

This came a  shock to me since Elijah did not even consider crawling until 9 months.  And here Graham is, not quite 8 months old and into everything (notice most of these pictures were taken in one afternoon!).  Video posted at the bottom…

Summer 08 069Summer 08 045
Summer 08 040Summer 08 043

Birthday Prophecy

Monday was my birthday and I had such a wonderful day (except for the little missing keys mishap at Target).  One of my favorite things was this letter I got from my husband.  Please don't be offended by its format (made to look like a religious organization asking for money).  Just laugh with me about how great and creative my husband is.  Here is an excerpt…

Your personalized birthday

From the desk of Super
Master Prophet Pastor L. Steven Furtick


May 19, 2008


Greetings to you Holly A. Furtick in the precious
name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is
1:53 in the afternoon.  I am typing these
words from my prayer chamber in Indian Trail, NC.  Holly
A. Furtick
, the Spirit says that this 28th birthday marks
for you a year of maturity.  I hear
something about an “Elevation” that will occur in your life this year, Holly A. Furtick.


God says that this
year will be The Year of the Supernatural Potty Train for a certain young whale
lover in your life.  And The Year of the
Divine Sippy Cup for a young wiggle worm, thus saith the Lord. 


Above all, I hear
the Spirit saying that the key to your covenant blessings in this 28th
year (28 is the number of friendship) will lie in your connection to your
husband, who will guide you with his unfathomable wisdom, and rugged good
looks.  He will speak over you words of
affirmation, Holly A. Furtick,
and you should believe these words because you are a good woman.  In this year, you will be a Top Chef, a wardrobe consultant, a nurse
practitioner, and an avid blogger, thus saith God…

Above all, this year
will have a G.W.A.I.  because you are a


God has changed your
name, and you shall be known in this 28th year as the B.D.O.L.


To seal this
prophecy, send your $28,000 seed by 12:28am on May 28th.  In Jesus’ Name.


May your Friendship
Trays be warm and nutritious. 

Don’t forget to sow
your seed.

Favorite Outfit

When I found out Elijah was a boy, I have to say I was a little disappointed.  I always imagined myself with little girls dressed in pink with a matching hair bow.  Now, or course, I love my boys and wouldn’t trade them for anything.  And while it is a lot more work to find cute boy clothes, when you do, its better than cute dresses with matching hair bows. 

I have a slight obsession with dressing my boys alike.  Half the time, I don’t think anyone ever notices.  When we were in Gatlinburg, I was shopping for some baby gifts and came across these outfits I couldn’t pass up.  The boys were dressed in blue and white from head to toe, I think this was my favorite thing they have every worn (you would guess this seeing as how I have another obsession with wearing white myself!).



One of the many benefits of being in the ministry is traveling with my husband when he speaks.  A while back, Steven was asked to speak at Inspire Worship Conference in Gatlinburg.  We decided to make a trip out of it.  We had the best time last week.  Our accommodations were great, the restaurants were great and the everyone had a great time.

Elijah got to visit the aquarium.  Although there were no whales there, he had a great time in the Megladon’s mouth.  I don’t think he was supposed to be behind that bar, but that was his father’s decision.  If you ask him what his favorite part was he will tell you "da me-go-la-don"Aquarium_2

The boys also got to swim in the hot tub.  Daddy was the only one who remembered his bathing suit but that didn’t stop Graham and Elijah!  Graham decided he could climb the stairs too (with supervision of course).


Happy Mother’s Day to Me

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend celebration.  It started off with some chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite!) and a bound book of all of my blog entries printed out from my very first entry.  This in and of itself was enough. 

Then on Thursday, Steven and I left to go to the Creative Marriage Retreat in Dallas, Texas (put on by Ed and Lisa Young at Fellowship Church).  We had a wonderful time.  I got to meet lots of other pastor’s wives, eat lots of great meals, get lots of sleep and I got my husband’s undivided attention for 4 days.  We missed our kids but had a wonderful time.

When my day started at 6 this morning with little voices calling me, I was ready to start the day.  Now thats a great Mother’s day present.

Happy Birthday to my mom.  She’s an incredible lady with a huge heart for her family and for the Lord.  She has served the Lord since she was a little child and though she has been through many tough life circumstances, her faith has never wavered.  She is a great example to me and I love her.  We love you Dee Dee!


Recently I had to type out our daily routine as well as some general house information for an overnight sitter when Steven and I go to a conference.  Here is what I typed concerning the use of our television.  How complicated is technology I must ask????

  • Using the TV
    • Turning on the TV:
      • Push power on the LG remote
      • Push power on the Yamaha remote (this is also volume)
      • Change channels with cable remote
      • Please make sure you turn the tv off at night and before leaving
    • Watching a DVD
      • Push input (very top right) on LG remote.  Scroll down to HD2, hit enter.
      • Push orange button on Yamaha remote that says DTV/CBL
      • Use white remote to navigate dvd menu on Xbox
    • To go from DVD to TV
      • Push input on LG remote, select up for HD1
      • Push orange button on Yamaha remote that says DVD
      • Use cable remote

Things that disappear

It is 7:30.  I have been up for about an hour, Graham has been up for about an hour and a half.  I have once again resisted the Baby Einstein urge to get some stuff done.  I am deliriously sleepy because it is Monday and I stood beside my husband for three services and a newcomers lunch yesterday, and because I have been too lazy to go an fix my tea.

I came down here to place my grocery order for the week (yes, I still online shop) but ended up catching up on my friend’s blogs.  Graham has been crawling around, playing at my feet and leaving little piles of spit-up everywhere (note to self, make sure he wears a bib today, its going to be one of those days.)  I left a comment on my friends blog that looks like I do not know how to type or spell.  I guess I really need some tea.

Before I get to the point of my post, I have to tell you that I was awoken at 2:30 to Elijah screaming my name.  I went in his room to ask him what was wrong to which he replied "I pooped."  Ok, who poops in the middle of the night (this was not a sick poop)?  Apparently, Elijah does.  I changed him, then tucked him in and crawled back in bed.  Thankfully we both went back to sleep.  He is still sleeping and I am a little jealous.  I wonder what age Elijah will be when he can get up with Graham???

Ok, the purpose of this post.  Things that disappear.  I know people say that socks disappear.  We don’t have that problem.  Although my mom does.  Her house is like a sock hole.  I have noticed however, that I can’t keep up with baby spoons.  You know, the take and toss that I always take, rarely toss, but they never seem to make it back to my dishwasher.  Yesterday, I was changing purses for church and I found a spoon in both of the purses.  Those made it in the dishwasher last night.  I bet there are a bunch in Graham’s bag?

Ok.  Tea time.  Happy Monday.