The artist

Yesterday I walked in to the room to find Graham’s head covered in yellow highlighter.  I called Elijah into the room and asked him what he did and he answered matter of factly, "I cuwwerd on him."  I couldn’t help but laugh.  The picture does give a great representation of Elijah’s work since most of the markings were on the back of Graham’s little head.  Secretly I was just glad he had not hit Graham.  Easter_08_001 Easter_08_003

It doesn’t get easier

Friday night Steven and I had the opportunity to eat dinner with Ed and Lisa Young.  We had a wonderful time.  No two people could have been nicer to us.  I as comfortable talking with them as if I had known them for years.

As church planters, you can imagine that we were eager to pick their brains.  Talk about church and how they manage the day to day toll on their lives and family.  So what did I learn?  No matter what stage of life you are in, it never gets easier, it just gets different.

Lisa said that she thinks they are in the most stressful period of ministry ever.  Really?  More stressful than when you were making pennies?  More stressful than when you were wondering if people were going to show up each Sunday?  More stressful than when you were in the middle of a growing church and you had two young kids, and twin baby girls???  I almost couldn’t believe my ears.

I think no matter what stage we are in life we tend to think it will be easier when I graduate from college, or get married, or have a baby and stay home, or when our church has a building or our children are older or when we are making more money.  The fact of the matter is it doesn’t get easier, it just gets different.

Yes, having two children in diapers is physically straining.  But having teenagers can give you an ulcer from the emotional stress.  Or having a young church that barely makes payroll is stressful, but keeping a big church current, growing and healthy can certainly be straining also.

Stress is stress no matter what stage of life you are in.  The key is to not live in the perpetual state of "when I… then I will not be stressed."  But to embrace each stage of life as a gift from God.  To trust Him with the stress and use it to draw you closer to Him.  My prayer is that I will be content and enjoy life each day and each stage because later does not equal better.

Waked Up

Graham has decided to become a little early bird.  I think he got switched at the hospital and someone else has my real baby who likes to sleep in (ha ha, he looks too much like his daddy to even suggest this). 

This is the second morning this week that Graham has been awake at 5:15.  If you know me at all, you know this is a great tragedy.  I hate mornings.  I know, I shouldn’t.  I keep trying to tell my self that I should embrace this season of life.  Get up, shower, study my bible, clean house.  But all I can think about is my warm bed and soft pillow.  I need some tea right now.

Ironically, I wrote a post on Monday when we were downstairs this early.  I guess I was to out of it to remember to actually post it and it got deleted at some point during that day.

Whenever we are in the car and I ask Elijah, "Is Graham awake of asleep?"  If he is awake Elijah always says, "Waked up."  So here we are at 6:36, waked up!  I know when my kids are in school we will be up this early.  But that is not in the near future and usually, my kids are not up until about 7 am.

Today I am not going to fight it.  I resisted the urge to put Graham in the swing, put on a Baby Einstein and sleep some more.  I am going to fix myself some tea and do my Bible study.

The days of Elijah

Yesterday, we ate lunch with a friend of mine from Shelby.  She has a daughter named Kensley.  When I told Elijah we would be eating with Kensley he said "Ken-sa-wee, thats wike McKenzie."  McKenzie is one of our favorite babysitters.  Even though I corrected him, he called Kensley, McKenzie.

Later that afternoon Elijah ventured away from his toys and decided to play in my room while I was working in my closet.  I came out to find him shirtless, holding an empty water glass (I take a glass of water to bed every night and Elijah knows he is not suppose to play with it since it almost always has water in it.)  He had a look on his face like he was caught.  I went to his bedroom to find he was already trying to cover up.  He had spilled the water on his shirt and the floor.  So he removed his shirt and got a towel out of the linen closet to dry up the carpet.  This was the first time Elijah ever tried to fix something he had messed up.

That night at dinner we had a random conversation that went something like this.

E: Mommy, are you a women?

Me: Yes.

E: Is Nana (Nicole) a women?

Me:  Yes.

E:  Is McKenzie a women?

Me: Yes

E: Who else is a women?

We named some other women.  Then I asked, what is daddy?

E: (long thinking pause) umm a daddy.

When I put him to bed I found my pillow in the place of his.  I guess he swiped that around the time when he stole the glass of water.

The days are never dull around here!

Not Again

I feel like I may need a prescription to calm my nerves before the day is over.  I did something against my better judgment… I took both of my children to the Dr at the same time.  You may not think this is a big deal but it is when you have two boys, it is.  Sometimes Elijah gets in this mood where it is like he took some kind of hyper pill and he cannot to save his life sit still for more than 2 seconds.  This was the case today.  Graham on the other hand is a wiggly worm.  He has started crawling and wants constantly to be into things. 

Currently my mind is in a fog.  I think I am in the process of blocking some of the following memories:

The Waiting Room:

  • Did Elijah really hang upside down in the chair?
  • Did he really get out a handful of brochures, and make a mess as he "read" the story of Jonah?
  • Did he really hit Graham in the stomach and then turn around and head butt him?

The Exam Room:

  • Graham ate the paper that covers the table
  • Elijah managed to spread the books and toys all over the floor (those toys seem so dirty too!)

I don’t know how either one of them held still long enough to even be examined.  I also don’t know how the Dr was able to talk over the chaos or how I was able to listen.  I think I came out with the diagnosis of a cold for Elijah and bronchitis for Graham.  I kept having to repeat the Dr to make sure I understood everything.  Its not that I am stupid but who can think when you are in a small room with wild children.

When we got in car I just needed to sit for a minute while everyone was strapped in.  God bless car seat laws!

I am so thankful for such a patient staff.  I love my Dr’s office.  The receptionists treat me so well and so do all the nurses.  They really love my kids and that makes me fell good.

Everybody is going to bed early tonight.  Including me.

For the birds

I am going to preface this post with a disclaimer… please do not comment to me about how I am an inhumane animal hater.  Feel sorry for me because I am afraid of animals.  Now the post…

Ok so it is no secret that I am a girlie girl.  I don’t like the outdoors and I don’t care for animals.  I had a chihuahua, Yo-yo, for a while before we had kids.  I loved her but will probably never have another pet.  I just don’t care for animals.

So for the past couple weeks I noticed a bird flying around my front porch any time I opened the door (we don’t use our front door as a main entry to our home but do use to let guests out at night after we have closed our garage).  Each time I opened the door, I was scared that the bird would fly in my house.  I began to think that it was nesting in my flower arrangement hanging on the front door.  Now that I think back, I even remember hearing birds chirping when I walked past the door and I thought it was the TV.

Well, yesterday morning I opened the door to find a tiny baby bird dead on my welcome mat.  (Please understand that a fear of birds runs deep in the women of my family.  I think because my mom is afraid of them, we are too.  My mom had a traumatizing childhood experience where she was "chased" by a chicken with its head cut off.  Literally.  See my sisters post today to read her take.)  I was so grossed out.  I asked Steven to take care of it because I couldn’t.

About an hour later he called me.  His words were "I took care of your birds."  Birds?  He proceeded to tell me that I was right.  There was a nest in my flowers (silk) full of baby birds.  He said he removed the flowers, without touching the nest, and placed it on the side of the house.

I told him I felt sad because I am fairly certain the mother will not return to the babies.  To which my soul mate replied "Well, there are enough birds in the world."

Can we go home now?

Today I went in Elijah’s classroom to pick him up from school.  After I hugged him, I asked him how his behavior was.

He replied "Mommy, can we go home now?" 

Not a good sign.

Come to find out he got mad a threw a toy at someone.  How embarrassing!  His teachers said he was sincerely apologetic afterward.  I guess thats a positive.

I told him to apologize to his teacher before we left.  He said "Miss Wee (Leigh), I’m sowwy for my bad behavior." 

We are home now and he is enjoying his Whale crackers (the knock off goldfish from Walmart).  He was so excited about these crackers.  I wonder how long the whale phase will last.  I better start encouraging something easy to find on birthday plates so i can avoid last year’s disaster (see post).  I don’t think I have a chance in the world at finding Jonah and the Whale plates!

Graham Surgery

Daddy_and_graham_tubesGraham_tubes_1_3   Graham has had 4 ear infections so far in his mere 6 months of life so today Graham had surgery to have tubes put in his ears.  He did so well.  The surgery wasn’t until 10 am and he couldn’t have anything to eat past midnight, the day before.  He was so good.

The doctor said that Graham had a ton of green puss behind the ear drum that oozed out when they did the incision.  He said Graham definitely needed the tubes.  I am so relieved to know that he will not be in pain anymore!  He woke up from the surgery so disoriented.  He couldn’t figure out how to drink his bottle and then once he did he was mad when it was all gone.

He has been great and happy since we got home this afternoon.  He’s sleeping now (always nice).

Thanks to Dr. Mair and his staff at Charlotte ENT!

PS I have to give myself props.  Of course I did not bring my camera to the hospital this morning so these are pictures that I figured out how to get off the my phone.  It took a lot of time so take an extra long look!


Weemote_7200w_2 I bought this kid’s remote for Elijah for Christmas.  I found it online for $20 and thought it would be great.  You program it to 5 channels.  It can turn the TV on and off as well as control volume and mute. 

Well, it proved to be a little difficult to figure out for some.  I won’t mention any names (not my husband I would never ask him to do something technical like this) but I was told by two men that the remote was broken or my TV was too new.

Yesterday I got frustrated with having to scroll down from 47 to 3 in order to put on a video because there is no remote to the TV in Elijah’s playroom.  I got out the remote and the manual and voila!  Fixed.  Elijah loves it.  Mommy likes it too.

I guess sometimes you just have to read the directions!


I wrote this post on Monday so I thought I should give you an update on our lives since the remote… Elijah is having a hard time understanding how it works.  He thinks the buttons are for specific shows, not channels.  How do I explain this to a two year old??

Then the funniest thing happened yesterday… Elijah comes running out of the play room screaming at the top of his lungs, "I can’t find da wemote!!  Its GONE!"  What is so funny about this, you may be thinking, well, his daddy says the exact same thing when he can’t find the remote "Its gone baby.  I don’t know how, but this time it is really gone." 

Why is it men think something is gone when they can’t find it?


Unfortunately, I am not a coffee drinker.  I wish I was.  I love caffine.  I just don’t like the taste of coffee. 

I do love soda.  Dr. Pepper to be specific.  However, I don’t like drinking all that sugar in the morning.  My husband on the other hand (not a coffee drinker either) drinks a diet drink before he even brushes his teeth most mornings (please don’t comment on how terrible this is).  A friend of mine once told me that it takes 3 1/2 cans of soda to equal the amount of caffine in one cup of coffee. 

Tazo_2 Being the mother of two small children and not being a morning person, this poses a real problem for me.  Until recently I ordered a cup of Awake Tea (Tazo) from Starbucks.  It gave me the little jolt I have been searching for.  I found it at my Lowe’s Food and now I drink it almost every morning (and sometimes out of a dirty cup!  see this post).