Shower at 4:30

Sorry to leave you without a post for so many days.  I decided to take the boys to see my grandmothers in Virginia this past week.  We made the trip with my sister and her 3 kids.  Don’t you wish you could have ridden back with us?  Just imagine a Suburban loaded with 5 kids under five.  Everyone in a car seat.  There was screaming, hitting, biting (yes, that one was my son) and oh so much fun.

Actually, it was not that bad considering.  I have been on much worse trips when I only had Elijah.  (I specifically remember one trip from Moncks Corner to Charlotte, 3 1/2 hours, when Elijah cried the whole way.  The next day I learned he had an ear infection.  That trip was pure torture.)

I just finished my morning cup of tea only to find that I had been drinking out of a dirty cup.  Nice.

Ok, so the reason for the title of this post… Saturday, after we arrived home, I had unpacked the car, Elijah was playing in his playroom, enjoying the fact that he did not have to share with anyone and I was playing with Graham.  You may know that Graham is a spitter.   We have tried everything from daily dose of Zantac to formula specifically for acid reflux.  He has good days and bad days.  Well Saturday was a bad day.  I don’t know how many times the boy spit up.  You would think I would know better.  No.

I was trying to make him laugh, lifting him up above my head when blah.  He spit up all in my hair.  This was not just a little spit up.  It must have been about 3 tablespoons worth that caked in the front and then rolled down the back.

Needless to say I found myself taking a shower at 4:30 in the afternoon. 


Yesterday was a whirlwind but a wonderful Easter celebration for our family.  Today, I kind of had a hangover from all the festivities!










-Two of the cutest boys ever (I have a slight obsession with dressing them alike). 

-I attended and did the welcome for all four services at Providence (yes, four: 8:30, 10, 11:30 and 1)

-Steven preached an amazing message… 4 times!  (Listen here).  In fact, the 4th one was my favorite.

-4,833 total for our 6 worship experiences

-over 500 salvations!

-A sweet little egg hunt that ended with a tuna steak dinner.

Easter_08_018_3 Easter_08_012

We love Fridays

Fridays are our favorite day around the Furtick household.  Elijah calls it "Daddy not go to work" day.

This morning we were all up around 7:30.  Graham of course was up about an hour before that.  I got up with him about 30 minutes later, Steven and Elijah were not too far behind.

We have had a lazy morning.  But I wanted to give you a little insight to my husband…

Just a minute ago we were watching TV and a commercial came on.  Pictured was a mediocre looking beef stew.  My husband said that it looked really good and he would like for me to make him some… it was a Beneful (dog food) commercial.

I guess it doesn’t take much to make his stomach happy.  This is a good thing for me.

Chicken Piccata

At your request, here is my Chicken Piccata recipe.  It mostly came from Southern Living so I would say that the difficulty level is medium…

Chicken Piccata


  • Four chicken breasts
  • Italian bread crumbs
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • ½ fresh lime (or lemon)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • ¼ to ½ cup of chicken broth
  • A small handful chopped fresh Italian parsley
  • 1 package whole wheat egg noodles

The Chicken

Cut chicken breast in half horizontally (you need a pretty sharp knife, and it helps if your chicken is just barely frozen in the middle), now you should have 8 thin breasts.

Heat oil in pan (I use my electric skillet so I can do all 8 pieces at once).

Dredge each chicken breast in bread crumbs.  Place in pan.

Add a little shake of salt and pepper to top side of each breast.

Cook chicken about 5-8 minutes on each side until done.  Don’t continually flip chicken.

Remove chicken, set aside.

The Gravy

In same pan (don’t clean) pour chicken broth, chicken soup, butter and squeeze lime.  Mix together while pulling up left over cooked pieces from bottom of the pan.  When gravy is mixed thoroughly, add parsley.  Stir for one minute then pour into a serving bowl.

The Noodles

Cook noodles according to package directions.

The Meal

Place chicken breasts on top of noodles, spoon on the gravy and enjoy! 

Happy Birthday Dad

Dad_grandma_boys_and_me 57 years ago today my grandmother (pictured left) gave birth to a baby boy, my dad (also pictured).  She named him Murrill Norwood Boitnott.  She said she didn’t want anyone else in his class at school to have the same name.  She definitely accomplished that goal, I think she got the gold for the name your kid something original event in 1951. 

Two days ago was my dad’s spiritual birthday, he has been a believer for 38 years.  He surrendered his life to the Lord after several years of drug and alcohol abuse.  Shortly after that, he began a life of full-time ministry.  Here are some of his accomplishments…

He pastored a church in Miami Florida for 12 years.  He lead the church through a painful lawsuit and the 6.5 million dollar reconstruction of their building after hurricane Andrew.

He raised three godly girls.  When asked what it was like living with four women, he would always answer "Its like living with someone on their period every week."

He managed to take us to 49 of the United States.  We camped in tents, pop-up trailers, motor homes and the like for every summer of my life from 4th grade through 12th grade.  He took all three weeks of his vacation at one time each year so he could drive us across the country.  One year we drove from Miami to Montana in a conversion van pulling a pop-up.  We also took our black lab too.  That trip my dad bought a portable toilet that actually flushed (too hard to explain but basically it looked like and adult sized potty chair).  He put the potty in the back of the van so he didn’t have to stop every five minutes for one of us to pee.

He now runs a ministry called Macedonian Call Ministries.  He leads people on mission trips all over the world.  He recently returned from Romania where he and his team lead several boys in juvenile prison to the Lord.

The two greatest lessons he has taught me, by example, are that forgiveness is always better than bitterness, and you will never regret being generous to others, oh and, don’t borrow things from your friends, if you break them or mess them up, you will have to replace it.  One more… if someone pays for your meal, you should always get the tip.

My dad has dedicated his life to his God and his family.  I am so blessed to be his daughter.  My prayer for him on this day is that he would serve God until his dying day.  That he would see that his best years are ahead him and like Caleb at age 40 say "Give me my mountain!"  Joshua 14:10-12.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you! 

PS check back later for a more pictures

Reading to your children

My mom recently found these stats in a magazine…

When asked if they skipped pages when reading to their children, here’s how parents answered…

  • 55% said "never"
  • 26% said "its a trick in my repertoire"
  • 15% said "thats a good idea"
  • 4% said "practically every night"

I rarely skip.  Partly because it feels incomplete to me and partly because I don’t think Elijah would let me get away with it.  I know my friend Nicole skips pages when she reads to Elijah though.  I asked my husband, he said he never skips.  This is true, he doesn’t even tell Elijah no when he brings him a really long book.  What a great dad!

How about you, do you skip?

So how about you?

Monday thoughts

I am bidding on something on Ebay and I am so afraid I am going to get outbid I keep refreshing the page every two minutes

I am frustrated with the weather.  I turned the air conditioner on Friday only to wake up to a 65 degree house this morning.  I was trying to brave it out and put on a sweatshirt downstairs just now and then I decided it was only going to get cold again tonight so I switched back to heat.

I got to go shopping for my Easter outfit.  For some reason, this is alway important to me.  My very sweet husband surprised me by sending me so a special store.  Graham and I had a blast this morning while Elijah was at school.  Lets just say that more than one Furtick will be wearing white this Sunday.

Elijah had a blast at school today.  His teachers said that they pretended he was Jonah on the playground.  He would "fall" off the boat but "swim" away just in time to escape the whale.  Since Elijah is obsessed with the story of Jonah right now, nothing could have been more fun.

8 minutes have passed since I have been typing and I am still winning my Ebay item (a gift for a friend).

I am listening to "God of This City" by Chris Tomlin on repeat.  What an amazing song.

I was 30 minutes early today to pick up Elijah.  Could this be because I got my watch fixed and it is back at home on my wrist??  Probably not.  But I was so encouraged by Psalm 71 while waiting… 71:3… Be my rock of refuge to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress… 71:14… But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.

Graham is the best baby in the whole world.  He is such a trooper.  Friday I took him to the ENT and he had a double ear infection.  He is doing much better now.  He has his own post coming later this week.  The title: Look who’s sitting up!

Tonight I am making Chicken Piccata over whole wheat egg noodles, this is one of my husbands favorites.  If all goes well, I will share the recipe.

Still winning on Ebay.  Only 1 hour and 10 minutes left.

Hope you are having a great Monday.

Random Thoughts and Chicken Soup

Today I am having some random thoughts that are not so positive.  I have a dull headache because I am trying to cut back on my Dr. Peppers.  I don’t think I am going to make it…

-Why do I even bother trying to do something downstairs while my kids are "napping"?  Elijah has not taken a nap since the time changed.  His nap time consists of him screaming, singing, yelling calling me and kicking his bed.  I make multiple trips up to his room to tell him to be quiet.  I do make him stay on his bed for at least an hour, sometimes 2 so he can get some rest.  I also make multiple trips up the stairs to put the passy back in Graham’s mouth and cross my fingers that he will go back to sleep.  He gets woken up by the loud noises coming from his brother’s room.  It feels like I have been up and down the stairs 100 times in an hour and a half.

-Who designed the parking lot at the Panera in Matthews?  Did they think that they could double the amount of spaces and just put up "Compact Parking Only Please"  and people would listen?  Who drives a compact car these days?  I met a friend there for lunch this week.  The parking lot was full and only a few were truly compact cars.  And yes, one of them was my Suburban.  Thats the kind of parking lot that causes you to wonder why there are dings on your car weeks later.

-Why do children’s stores and departments place the racks of clothes so close together that you cannot maneuver your cart or stroller through them?  Kohl’s, Belk, Children’s Place, Walmart and Target are the worst.

On a lighter note, I had a request for my Chicken Soup recipe.  Its not much but here goes…

Easy Chicken Soup

3 cans of chicken broth

1 can of water



Onion Powder

2 garlic cloves, pressed

½ a rotisserie chicken chipped fine

½ box of whole wheat angel hair noodles

Bring all ingredients except noodles to a boil.  Low boil for about 30 minutes. Add noodles, boil for 7 minutes.  Serve.  Enjoy.

Whats in your pantry?

I am having a little case of writers block this week.  Today I am in the middle of organizing my pantry and I needed a break so I forced myself to write a post.  When we moved into this house, I threw my food in and decided to organize later.  Well, here I am 4 months later unable to find anything.  So today is the day.

Did you know I have been hoarding chicken broth?  Do have anything that you always buy at the store just in case?  Apparently mine is chicken broth.  I have 4-15 oz cans and 2-32 oz cartons.  Steven likes to eat my chicken noodle soup almost every Saturday night (quite a creature of habit) and so I always try to be prepared.  I guess I am.

Here’s how well I know my friends, Nicole hoards boneless skinless chicken breasts.  Emily hoards cereal.  Amy hoards nothing, her fridge is always bare unless her mom or grandma  has been in town.  My Mom hoards coffee, garlic and ice cream.  I couldn’t decide on one of these because her house is never without these three staples of her diet.  And Kelly hoards butter, she always has some in her freezer. 

What do you hoard?

Back to my pantry, nap time is almost over.