Why I love Thursdays

Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week (besides Friday and Sunday).  Two main reasons: 1.  Thursday night is Steven’s and my date night.  2.  Thursday is the day before Friday, and to quote Elijah "Daddy not go to work!" 

Thursday is also a great night for TV.  Tonight LOST starts and I am pumped!

When Elijah wakes up we are going to make play-dough and the count down to 6:00 pm begins.

Lessons in the English language

On Sunday Elijah was naming everyone a different animal.  He was mouse, Daddy was pig, I was duck etc… (this game by the way although really cute at first is getting really old as we go on a month now of changing everyones names all day long).

I said something to Elijah about mice.  He said "no, Mouse."  Here is how the rest of our conversation went…

Me: Well its the same thing only mouse means one, mice means more than one mouse.  (I could tell he didn’t understand so I went on).  Like look here we have one remote but if we have more than one we say

Elijah: Wamotes

Me: Good (now trying to test him to see if her really got it) now what if you have more than one flower?

Elijah: (he thought for several seconds with and intent look on his face then replied) A garden!!

Too cute and too smart for his own good. 

What’s your favorite thing?

Robeez My friend Joani just posted a comment that one of her favorite baby things are Robeez.  I must agree.  They are the best for that crawling/pre-walking stage.  Elijah had a pair and Graham got two pairs for Christmas (neither of them actual Robeez).  The actual Robeez are kinda pricey but you can get them at Target for about half the price.

So what are your favorite baby things?

Favorite Things: Baby Edition

Here are a a few of my favorite baby items that I was given for Graham…


Tumpette Socks, my cousin, Ashley sent Graham a box of these and I love them.  It looks like he has shoes on but they are socks!  So cute.  They have toddler socks too I found out when I went to their link.



Dorel_juvenile_group_safety_1st_9_3 My baby monitor.  This was a gift from several of my friends at church.  It is awesome because you monitor 3 different rooms (at our house: play room, Elijah, Graham) from one receiver.  I just spent the last 30 minutes looking for a link to purchase this and can’t find it anywhere.  I grabbed this picture from a review site.  I think you can pick one up at a Babies R Us store.  Good luck if you want one and want to purchase online.  You can’t have mine :)



Lilypodgroupingmain_3  The Lily Pod.  This is a pad that goes over the car seat handle to cushion the weight.  I love this thing.  A church member gave this to me and I never remove it from my car seat.  They come in neat patterns too.  You can purchase them for $22.99 from this site as well as a few others.

Getting Dressed

I am always amazed at the way my friends’ girls act in comparison to my boys.  The other day some friends and I met at McDonald’s for lunch.  We were talking about how dramatic girls are and how boys just slug it out and move on.

I heard a woman on TV talk about how she never realized that you have to teach boys to get dressed.  This woman has girls and boys and she said that she never taught one girl how to get dressed but she had to teach her sons. 

I remember when my nephew started preschool.  My sister had to teach him to get dressed because one of the requirements was that he dressed on his own.

In our house Elijah is quite skilled at taking his clothes off.  In fact, even though it is cold, he prefers to just be in a diaper.  Every night when I put him to bed I have to remind him to keep his pajamas on.  If you ask him why he will say "or you will get sick and cold."  One night, when we went to check on him before going to bed, we found him completely naked and dead asleep.  In fact, as I type this, he is watching his afternoon show in his jeans and socks, no shirt.  I found him this way after his nap.  I tried to coax him into putting his shirt back on but decided it was not a battle worth fighting.

Anyway, the point is, we are not good at putting on clothes or shoes.  It seems like such a battle.  I think though I would rather fight the battle of putting on the clothes than picking them out.  My friend Amy’s little girl will only wear skirts.  I don’t think I would do well with that.

One more thought before I tend to my laundry… I have been frustrated with Elijah’s lack of interest in using the potty.  I asked him the other day when he was going to use the potty.  He said, "when I grow up."  When I ask him periodically if he wants to pee-pee on the potty he sometimes replies "no, I do not want to potty train."

Reasons I love you

Tonight as I was putting Elijah to bed I told him, "I am going to tell you five reasons why I love you… One, because you are fun to play with.  Two because you make me laugh. (For some reason he thought that was really funny). Three because you give great kisses.  Four because you give great hugs.  Five because I am your mom and thats what moms do, love their kids."

I then said, "Give me five reasons why you love me, ready, go."

He replied "Betause you’re my friend."

I only got one reason but that was enough.

Favorite Things

I am stealing my friend Gina’s idea and posting starting a series of posts about some of my favorite things.  So my first one comes from Target pharmacy…

Elijah was sick last week with Bronchitis and we had to fill some prescriptions.  My friend Erin was telling me about Target’s dispenser so I thought I would take our scripts there.

Its called the liquid dispenser.  The bottle comes with a special syringe that you insert into a small whole in the bottle and turn the bottle upside down for neat and accurate measuring.  I tried to copy of picture, but Target’s site is pretty tight, you’ll have to click on this link to see it.

This thing alone is worth giving up the drive through at CVS (gotta be careful because you can rack up quite a bill while you wait for your prescription).  I hate trying to measure out liquid medicine for my kids.  It is sticky and I hate it when you can’t reach the medicine when it gets low.  They also assign a color ring for each member of your family. 

The Ice Age

Dscn1087_2 Back before Christmas our ice maker quit working.  Shortly after that our refrigerator in the garage (where we keep canned drinks) quit working.  So over Christmas we had a ton of company, no ice and no cold drinks.

Since that time, I have had several people try to fix my ice maker but to no avail (fridge in the garage was fixed).  We have been buying bagged ice for almost two months.  Now if this were my sister’s fridge, they would not have even bothered to have it fixed.  Some people like their drinks luke warm.  Not us.  This has driven my husband and I crazy.

So today I had a refrigerator repair man come out to the house.  10 minutes and $281 later, I had ice.  Praise the Lord for the small things in life like ice coming out of the door and into my cup.


We’ve been in Greenville visiting my parents.  Steven preached at our alma mater (North Greenville University) and met with some local church leaders.  We were so shocked that it snowed last night.  It seems like it always snows when we are traveling, of course, the one snow (probably of the whole winter) Elijah’s snow boots and warm coat are at our house!!  But he and daddy had fun anyway…Snow3_5 Snow_4 Snow4_3 Snow2_5


“Big bwudders potect”








Elijah really is a good big brother and Graham is really starting to be aware and watch Elijah with an acute keenness.  There have been several times where Graham has started crying just because Elijah is crying.  Graham loves for Elijah to talk to him and give him attention.

So we are starting to have some sweet brother moments and some not so sweet, and some dangerous brother moments that have caused me to do hurdles across a room to rescue the little brother.  Here are a few examples…

The other day I was on the computer, Graham was lying on the floor in the next room and Elijah was doing his thing in between both rooms and all over the house.  I was almost done with whatever I was doing when Graham started fussing.  I asked Elijah to go and talk to him.  Immediately the fussing stopped.  I asked, "Elijah, is everything ok?"  He replied, "Yes, but he can’t get it out."  Ok, so I rush into the room to see Elijah feeding Graham his sippy cup.  We quickly found out that Graham was "getting some" because he cried when I took the cup out of his mouth.  I had to explain that Graham only drinks milk.

Then there was the time that I found Elijah sitting in the baby swing with Graham.  You would have to see my swing to know that Graham was not being crushed, but it was scary nonetheless.  This was the event that had me to hurdles over toys to get to them.  If you know how little physical activity I do, you would really find this funny.

I love it when I Graham and I enter Elijah’s room in the morning.  Elijah always says "Hi Bram, how did you sweep?"  or when he says "Bram you co cute."

The main thing we are talking about is that God made Elijah the big brother and big brothers always protect their little brothers.  Whenever Elijah is too rough, or is blatantly mean or aggressive, he has to apologize to Graham for not protecting him.  You should hear him say it "I sowwy Bram, big bwudders potect."  I have a feeling we will be saying this for the next 18 years.