The Music is Too Loud!

I think one of the most frequent complaints at Elevation is that the music is too loud.  We even placed earplug dispensers in the foyer at both of our meeting places for those who just couldn’t take the noise.

My husband is the one behind this decision.  He loves loud music.  In fact this is probably the first time in about 15 years that he has not been the leader of some type of band.  I have heard him say so many times that he wants and Elevation worship experience to sound like a rock concert.

Well today marked a day when he said something I never thought I would hear come out of his mouth.  We were talking on the phone, he was at a restaurant waiting to meet another pastor.  While talking he said "Can you hear me, the music here is too loud!"  It would have been one thing if he had only said it once.  But I promise you he said it at least 4 times.  At one point he escaped to the bathroom find a quieter place there he exclaimed "Man, who would want to listen to music this loud in the bathroom?"

By this point I was laughing at him.  I told him he was definitely on his way to becoming an old man.

Which by the way… Ever thought about why it is that old people complain about loud music when they are the ones that have hearing loss??


I hate moving.  I don’t want to see another moving box for a log time.  Just when I think I have unpacked them all, I open up a closet and see more.  And as if moving itself was not difficult enough, I have a two year old getting into everything and an 8-week old who needs attention also.

Elijah’s favorite things to play with since the move are curtain rods.  I finally put them in a place where he can’t get to them… I think.  Elijah has also enjoyed my new kitchen cabinets never mind the fact that he has his own play kitchen.

I have spent countless hours on the phone with the various agencies from the moving company to the cable company.  As if this wasn’t enough, my computer decided to crash.  You would have thought that we moved from out of state with all of the obstacles we have encountered.

And somewhere amidst all the chaos, I managed to host Thanksgiving for my parents, my sister, Joy, and Steven’s parents.  Thanks to the moms for taking care of most of the food!  And thanks to Nicole for helping me whip my house into shape!

PS. Elijah has decided he wants a mail box for Christmas.  I have no earthly idea where this came from.  But that is his request every time. 

The appliance that gives back

Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that I actually have very curly hair.  Since about the 8th grade, the hairdryer has been my favorite appliance (not a coffee drinker).  I would probably be ashamed if I actually added up all the time I have spent pulling out my curly locks.  I have been through countless dryers over the years and never has one of them done something for me, until now.

I recently discovered that Graham loves the sound of the hair dryer.  Whenever he is fussy, I put him in the bouncy seat and turn on the dryer.  He is out within minutes.  As I type, he is all bundled up, passy in mouth, snoozing to the sounds of my hairdryer (running on cool by the way).

We have a noise maker with a white noise sound, but that doesn’t work.  Not loud enough, I guess!  We are moving this weekend and Graham will finally have his own room.  I guess I will have to plug the dryer up in there!

The scent of a baby

I love the smell of a baby.  I love to put lotion on Graham after his bath and then bury my nose in his neck.  My friend Kelly says she smells her baby all the time because she know this is her last baby.

But there is one smell on my kids that I love more than baby lotion (and no, its not a dirty diaper of which I have already changed 3 for Elijah and 2 for Graham and it is only 3pm).  It is the smell of their daddy.

Steven always wears cologne.  He seriously never leaves the house with out spritzing himself down.  So there is nothing better than hugging Elijah and smelling my husband 30 minutes after he has left for work.  It is always such a sweet surprise. 

Last night I picked up Graham, smelled Steven and smiled.  Having two boys doubles my chance of catching a whiff of their daddy even if he is not nearby.  Graham_sept_28_091